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Why Do Republicans Voters think the Rich need Handouts(aka Tax Cuts)?

Why Do Republicans Voters think the Rich need Handouts(aka Tax Cuts) ?

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    They have fallen for what I would call The Great Republican Lie of Income Redistribution", which is, "Rich people work hard for their money, and people who work hard for their money deserve to keep it." This lie is based on false premises and leads people to internally inconsistent conclusions. Here are the arguments, as you can read in the thread.

    1. "Rich people work hard for their money"

    Implied: How hard a person works can be shown by their income, so a person who makes $20,000 a year is working 2x as hard as someone who is making $10,000 a year, and the person making $10 million a year is working 1000x as hard.

    False conclusion that the listener is supposed to draw: "People who don't make much money aren't actually working hard and are lazy, but I work hard for my money, too, so I am like a rich person."

    Truth rating: False. Most rich people do not work any harder for their money than anyone who works a job and does it well. The hardest, dirtiest, and most dangerous work out there is some of the worst-paying.

    Not only that, but most rich people started higher on the ladder than poor people. They had someone to pay for their education at a pricey school where students hobnob with the wealthy and well-connected, and their connections that enabled them to get a job that a person born poor could never hope for his children to achieve, even if he borrowed enough money to pay for their college. Or like many rich people, they were already born rich.

    2. "People who work hard for their money deserve to keep it."

    False conclusion: We should lower taxes for people like the rich who work hard. I work hard, so therefore I will get a tax cut, too.

    Inconvenient fact: Historically, Republican "tax cuts" have resulted in huge tax cuts to the wealthy and much smaller if any tax cuts to the rest.

    Hidden inconvenient fact #1: Lowering taxes disproportionally for one group of people means increasing the tax burden for all other groups. During the past generation the tax burden in real dollars on the working poor and middle class has risen while their incomes have fallen.

    False conclusion: We can just lower taxes, and nothing will be affected, or the government will cut programs to those who don't deserve it. (Remember, we have defined "undeserving" above as "not making as much money as a rich person".).

    Fact: Money invested in speculation rather than production of goods and services does not result in the creation of new wealth, but rather in a bubble effect.

    Fact: Government policy over the past generation has encouraged the abandonment of our manufacturing base and funneling of money into high-risk investments and fraud schemes based only on the ability of the designers to get away with what any other citizen would be charged with a crime for doing.

    Fact: Following this path has brought the country to its knees. Continuing to do more of the same will destroy us.

    Conclusion: The Republican establishment has been manipulating their voters to vote against their own self-interest for a generation. Without not only the support of these voters but their complicity in attacking their fellow workers, government would have long ago had to answer for their crimes. ∠°)

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    Define rich.

    It depends on your thinking,

    Keynesian thinkers believe economics to be a zero sum game, that is that the pie is finite, and everybody deserves to get the same size slice and anyone getting a bigger slice is just greedy and taking away from what someone else would otherwise have.

    A Hobsian thinker believe that the pie is a growing dynamo, driven and grown by the hard work of those who become rich, since the pie grows with this philosophy, there is always plenty for everyone, even the smallest slice of the pie is usually bigger than the average slice under the socialists

    (Contrast East and West Germany during the cold war)

    The west Had millionaires and billionaires, and the lowliest coal miner made enough to buy a house, and take vacations and send his children to school and retire comfortably. IN the east they had to fight over Bananas, if and when they were available at the store.stand in line for shoes, and toilet paper

    In the west they could shop at their leisure, and reject any product they found lacking. In the East they took whatever was available.

    Source(s): I know this probably doesn't fit into the primitive , left versus right linear framework talk radio show hosts and television talking heads give you on Fox, Msnbc and cnn...
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    There seems to be some sort of non-thinking going on here. Tax cuts for people who invest means more to invest. More to invest means more money in the economy. A recession means not enough money is in the economy. Jobs are created when people who can invest do invest. That is where publicly trades companies get their money. They have two types of customers. Investors and consumers. The consumer is not normally enough to support a companies expansion ( that's when they need more employees) since just their profits won't allow them to get ahead of the curve of consumption and have enough money to expand. So let's take some of the money people would invest. Let's promise to take more of their profit. Can you see how that would cause less money to be in the economy? That is what we have now. That is why it isn't going to get better. We are spending more money than can be infused.

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    that's a generalization. not all republican voters think the rich need tax cuts. i don't think the rich should get tax cuts and i'm republican. anyways to answer your question--a lot of the republican voters ARE rich. so they want tax cuts for themselves. And the only reason a lot of them are republican is because obama wants to tax the rich people more to pay for the poorer people.

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    Why do dims in the current administration not pay any taxes? Apparently your president thinks the rich need tax cuts as well. Oh wait, it's our taxes for their breaks by the hand of mr. giggles.

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    A tax cut is not a hand out.

    A hand out is when you take money and give it to someone.

    A tax cut is the government not raping someone as much

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    as the premise to your question is false,it has no answer. why YOU think the goverment needs more of your money than you do is baffling. bottom line here, there is nothing wrong, illegal or immoral about keeping more of what you legitimately earn. its my money NOT the gxx dxxxxxd governments and ill use it to provide an immediate..."economic stimulus" without obama pork...ITS CALLED CONSUMER SPENDING.

    oh and by the way, im far from rich and need what i have to maintain my home that the bank owns most of. i simply choose to take care of my self the old fashioned way:through hard work, and i dont need or want an obama handout.

  • They didn't get rich by paying their taxes...

  • Because the uneducated are so easy to fool.

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