Why does Chrysler keep getting whored out to foreign company's?

First Daimler, who ran the most profitable car company into the ground, then was handed to an American company Cebrious(sp?), and now may merge with FIAT? What the heck as Fiat done lately??


Yes, but they got handed to an American company just in time to recieve a bailout.....by accident if anything...and now Italy. I guess I'm speaking as someone who is old enough to remember Lee Iacoca and the 'big deal' with the loan they payed back year's early.

Anyway, the new Nissan Titan pick/up's are going to be Dodge Ram's! They want Fiat to supply small car technology. But how much better could Fiat be than the crap like Neon's?

Update 2:

Thanks, I'm starting to see the big picture. Make truck's for Nissan and Dodge/America.(I live 15 minutes from the idle Ram and Caravan plant in Fenton Mo.) Make American Muscle Car's because you have too because they get 25mpg now and it's a marketing staple and people want them...! Grab Fiat economy car stuff because Chrysler's little car's are not up to par...Plus Chrysler is also helping China with there car stuff!

...So it's America, Germany, Japan, Italy and China rolled into one car company. The new global model!?

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    Fiat became very profitable after blackmailing $2 billion out of GM a few years ago before the auto industry collapse. Fiat was able to fund small car platforms and become rather competitive in Europe. Now that Fiat wants back in the US and Chrysler is damn near free with a lot of factory capacity it is a win win situation if everything falls into place.

    Daimler was never a good fit and Chrysler tried to avoid the take over originally in 1998 but just did not have enough capital to do it.

    Good question, here is a star!

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  • Anna P
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    Well, Fiat has done better than Chrysler. Fiat also has other companies like New Holland large equipment maker.

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