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How to plan Easter?


What can student! do in holiday..........(have 10 days)

How to plan Easter holiday is good?

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    You may point out that most students spend their time differently from normal school days (e.g. wake up much later, have more rest, or could hang around with friends out and come home late).

    Or you can say that the whole family would like to join a short packaged-tour to mainland China, as students and most of their parents have quite a long holiday at the same time. You can further write about what you see and feel during the trip (e.g. feel good but also very tired).

    Finally, write about that you spend the last few days' time doing holiday homework and studying, preparing yourself for going back to school (If this is for teachers to read, remember that they generally want to hear about the hard work of students).

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    Try to emphasize that students should spend more time with family members for better communication with real people, not playing online games alone the whole day etc.

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