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Two uses of stem cells ?

what are two uses of stem cells that can also improve the quality of a persons life.

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    Medical researchers believe that stem cell therapy has the potential to dramatically change the treatment of human disease. A number of adult stem cell therapies already exist, particularly bone marrow transplants that are used to treat leukemia. In the future, medical researchers anticipate being able to use technologies derived from stem cell research to treat a wider variety of diseases including cancer, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, and muscle damage, amongst a number of other impairments and conditions.However, there still exists a great deal of social and scientific uncertainty surrounding stem cell research, which could possibly be overcome through public debate and future research, and further education of the public.

    Stem cells, however, are already used extensively in research, and some scientists do not see cell therapy as the first goal of the research, but see the investigation of stem cells as a goal worthy in itself.

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    1: heal the bodies organs, i.e fix a broken spinal column and help a paralyzed person walk again. Or grow replacement organs for those with failing ones, like a new heart for those who can't be bothered to look after the one they've got, without the worry of your body rejecting it, because technically it is part of your body...

    2: Some people belive that it could be used kind of like a "health tonic" or fountain of youth for ageing people and help them "stay younger".

    3. The big one that everyone doesn't like.... Cloning.

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    For the repair of nerve cells, currently this is not possible.

    As an alternative to bone marrow transplant for leukaemia patients.

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