University of Santa Barbara ?

does any body know all the clubs they offer?

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    They have a lot. you can read more about the clubs by following the link and scrolling down to the bottom were the recreation clubs are

    Aikido Club, UCSB

    Amateur Radio Club at UCSB

    American Indian Student Association

    Asian Athletics Club

    Ballroom Team at UCSB

    Baseball Club at UCSB

    Boxing Club

    Brothas from Otha Mothas

    Capoeira Sul da Bahia Santa Barbara

    Chess Club

    Club Cross Country

    Club Water Polo

    College Gaming League

    Comics Anonymous

    Cotillion Dance Club

    Donald Bren Board Club

    Excursions Club

    Fortuitious Unrivaled Nonsense Club (FUN)

    Gaucho Pep Band

    Groppling Club @ UCSB

    Horse Boarders Association

    Isla Vista Kiteboard Club

    Judo Club

    Juggling Club at UCSB

    The Koala

    Live Action Roleplying Club

    Martial Arts Academy

    Martial Arts Club

    Men's Soccer Club at UCSB

    Men's Club Volleyball at UCSB

    Naked Voices

    Paintball Club at UCSB

    Rec Sports News

    Research Divers Association

    Rock Climbing Team at UCSB

    Santa Barbara Jujitsu Kai

    Shotokan Karate Club

    Slackliine Club

    Society for Creative Anachronism

    Students for the Advancement of Sports and Activities

    Students Teaching Alcohol and other Drugs Responsibility

    Surf Club

    Swing and Ballroom Dance Club

    Trailrunners Club

    UCSB Alpine Racing Team

    UCSB Bowling Team

    UCSB Cheering Team

    UCSB Cycling Team

    UCSB Dance Team

    UCSB Equestrian Polo Club

    UCSB Fencing Teams

    UCSB Club Men's Soccer

    UCSB Men's Lacrosse

    UCSB Men's Rugby

    UCSB Men's Ultimate Frisbee

    UCSB Rowing Team

    UCSB Sailing Team

    UCSB Sport Clubs Council

    UCSB Surfing Team

    UCSB Triathlon Team

    UCSB Waterski Team

    UCSB Women's Club Soccer

    UCSB Women's Field Hockey Team

    UCSB Women's Lacrosse Team

    UCSB Women's Ultimate Frisbee

    Veritas Forum at UCSB


    Wrestling Club @ UCSB

    Women's Volleyball Club at UCSB

    Yoga @ UCSB

    Zen Sitting Group @ UCSB

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