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Who are your 5 favorite WWE wrestlers?

I'm 13 years old... and I am probably the biggest wrestling addict you'll ever meet. I watch RAW and SmackDown ever Monday and Friday, I have 12 wrestling video games, a huge poster of Stone Cold Steve Austin on my door, and I wrestle with my friends all the time! Yeah... duh, I know it's fake... but it's still AWESOME!!! But I'm curious... who are YOU'RE 5 favorite WWE wrestlers of all time? Here are mine:

5) The Undertaker

WHY?: He creeps the **** outta the other wrestlers. Everyone

who knows WWE knows The Undertaker. Yet, as dark

and merciless as he looks, he's still a clean fighter,

which I respect...

4) Kane

WHY?: What can I say? Same reason I like The Undertaker.

3) Eugene

WHY?: Everyone's gotta love Eugene. Mental retardation

hasn't stopped him from kicking ***!

2) HBK Shawn Michaels

WHY?: Yeah, he's a dirty fighter, but you still gotta respect his

talent! Weapon or no weapon, Sweet Chin Music will

mess you up good! This guy can kick some ***!

1) Cena

WHY?: Some people pre-judge Cena as being a dirty fighter

just cause he acts like it. Sure, he's all "Chain Gang"

and talks all gangster, but he's a clean fighter. Much

like The Undertaker and Kane, people think he's dirty,

but he's not... Besides... HE KICKS ***!!!

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    5: Randy Orton

    He is probably the best pure athlete in the WWE and he is the future and the present of Professional Wrestling

    4: Jack Swagger

    He is a pure wrestler and he is a good ol' Oklahoma Boy

    3: Jeff Hardy

    Yeah, Yeah, I am a Hardy fan, what can I say? I like there work as a tag team

    2: Santino Marella

    He is a really good wrestler stuck in a shitty gimmick. But hey! would you do what he did out there if you couldget attacked by 18 beautiful women?

    1: Matt Hardy

    Basically the same reason as Jeff...

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  • 4 years ago

    Golden Era- 1 Hulk Hogan 2 Andre the Giant 3 Randy Savage 4 The Undertaker 5 Ric Flair New Generation Era- 1 Bret Hart 2 Shawn Michaels 3 Sycho Sid 4 Bob Backlund 5 Diesel Attitude Era- 1 Stone Cold Steve Austin 2 The Rock 3 Bret Hart 4 Kane 5 The Undertaker WCW/Invasion Era- 1 Chris Jericho 2 Big Show 3 Brock Lesnar 4 Kurt Angle 5 Hulk Hogan Ruthless Agression Era- 1 Eddie Guerrero 2 JBL 3 Randy Orton 4 Triple H 5 Edge PG Era- 1 CM Punk 2 Jeff Hardy 3 Sheamus 4 Batista 5 Rey Mysterio Reality Era- 1 CM Punk 2 Dolph Ziggler 3 Daniel Bryan 4 Randy Orton 5 Chris Jericho

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    Of all-time I'm going to have to start with my favorite growing up...

    5. Hulk Hogan - I had so much Hulk Hogan merchandise when I was a kid but then again, who didn't? The man put wrestling on the map and made it what it is today. He took WWF to another level, WCW to another level and will always be known as the best wrestler of all-time in my book.

    4. Bret "Hitman" Hart - As far as in-ring wrestling, i have to say Bret Hart is one of the best, if not the best. And in the Sharpshooter, he had probably the coolest finishing move ever. Also, come on, any man that can pull off the color pink and and make it look that bad*** and have all the fans love him and hate him the way he did deserves alot of credit.

    3. The Rock - I'm not able to say which was more memorable, everything he accomplished in the ring, winning championships and all, or all the stuff he pulled off out of the ring. By far, the greatest wrestler to touch the mic. He would always have the fans laughing, but he could also whoop some *** in the ring.

    2. The Undertaker - Just look at everything he's accomplished in his career. Enough said. And he used to scare the living **** outta me when i was younger! And just for him to be doing what he's doing, for as long as he's been doing it, speaks for itself. The man is 44 and can jump over ALL the ropes.

    1. MVP - Montel Vontavious Porter. I stopped watching wrestling for a couple years but when I started watching again, I immediately became a HUGE fan of MVP's. I'm already a die hard fan, and im going to see him at Wrestlemania Axxess a few days from now. MVP has the greatest entrance in the history of the WWE, the coolest outfits, and the man can really wrestle. He was at his best when he wrestled Chris Benoit, and Shelton Benjamin brings out the best in him as well. Bottom line, he can REALLY wrestle with the best of them, and he's going to have a great career. MVP BALLIN!!! Future World Heavywight Champion.

    Source(s): Huge wrestling fan since birth
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    Here are my favorites:

    1. The Undertaker

    2. John Cena

    3. Jeff Hardy

    4. The Rock

    5. DX (Triple H and HBK)

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    Unfortuantely all of my favorite wrestlers arnt all current wrestlers, so Im going to include my favorite wrestlers that arnt in anymore.

    5) Cactus Jack

    WHY: I cant quite explain it, but his style is great, and of course he is almost always used in hardcore matches which Mick excels at. Watching Mick play Cactus in a hardcore match is some kind of sick twisted poetry in motion. Also Mick seems more .. Im not sure how to put it .. confident, charismatic .. but whatever that is, it pulls out the best of Mick .. "BANG BANG!!"

    4) Randy Orton

    WHY: Randy Orton is one of only a few superstars who is a third generation superstar and Orton has only gotten better and better over the last year or so. Randy Orton is a very entertaining wrestler who makes it fun to cheer for a heel.

    3) Bret Hart

    WHY: The excellence of execution wasnt just a tag line, Bret Hart really was an amazing wrestler. He had no amaetur wrestling background like other technical wrestling legends like Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Bob Backlund or Scott Stiener, yet Bret still is brought up in any conversation about the greatest ring technician of all time. Unlike Mick who was twisted poetry in motion, watching Bret wrestle was fluid beautiful poetry in motion. Bret Hart really was the best there is, the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be.

    2) Kane

    WHY: One of the reasons I liked him so much when he first came out was because of 2 things, how cool he looked and acted, and how much I despised The Undertaker back in 1997, (I have a thing for anti-heros: Wolverine, Batman, Athas the lich king from the warcraft series, Angelus the vampire from buffy, Faith the vampire slayer, Bane (Batman), Vegeta (DBZ) etc ..) So Kane kinda fits right in. But he is the best 'monster" character WWE has ever produced.

    1) Brock Lesnar

    WHY: The reason Brock Lesnar is my #1 favorite wrestler ever is because he is the perfect blend of my 2 favorite wrestling styles: monster powerhouse and mat wrestling technician. Brock Lesnar was billed as "The Next Big Thing" for a reason, he was an amazingly well rounded wrestler, he had legitimate amaetur wrestling credentials, he was freakishly powerful, and decievingly quick and agile. How many superstars have you EVER heard of that can overhead belly to belly suplex the Big Show AND preform a beautiful shooting star press? I'll tell you one thing, the only one Ive ever heard of .. is Brock Lesnar!!

    Source(s): 13 years of watching wrestling.
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  • Krithi
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    1 decade ago

    1. Triple H

    2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    3. Shawn Michaels

    4. The Undertaker

    5. The Rock

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    1. HBK: I have been a fan of his since his early days. He is the most entertaining person in the WWE.

    2. The Undertaker: That's all I need to say.

    3. Jeff Hardy: I think that he has finally conquered his personal demons and i love him. It is so entertaining to watch him wrestle. He puts every part of his body on the line every time he steps in the ring just so we as fans can be entertained.

    4. John Cena: He may not be most people's idea of a wrestler, but I think that he has incredible talent and he truly loves what he does and he loves the fans, whether they love him or not.

    5. CM Punk: Without a doubt one of the brightest and most talented of the new talent in the WWE. I think he will be world champion many times in his career.

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  • The Undertaker, Matt Hardy, Jeff hardy, Ray Mysterio, Shawn Michaels.

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    My top 5 favorite wrestlers currently:

    1. Matt Hardy. He is a good technical wrestler that's very passionate about the wrestling business and did everything he could to make his dreams come true. I don't think he is ever really given the credit he deserves for being a great wrestler.

    2. Chris Jericho. He is one of the best wrestlers in the business today. He has great mic skills and is very entertaining.

    3. Edge. One of the best heels out there. He is very opportunistic and also has great mic skills and is very entertaining.

    4. Batista. Think what you want about him, but I think he is a good powerhouse wrestler and he had to overcome a lot to get to where he is today in the wwe.

    5. Kane. He is very underrated and I think he deserves a major push. He is a great wrestler and I like his gimmick.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    5- Jeff Hardy

    4- John Cena

    3- Shawn Michaels

    2- Kane

    1- Undertaker

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