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Big L in the top three rappers ever?

"Take some BIG and some Pac, and you mix em up in a pot. Sprinkle a little Big L on top, what the f*ck do you got? You got the realest and illest killas tied up in a knock, the juggernauts of this rap s*it, like it or not" - Eminem

Do you think Big L was top 3 and why or why not? For people who actually KNO something about Big L please.

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    Big L. Was good, but not in the top 3. He really didn't vary much from what Kool G. Rap was doing (whereas Nas, Pun, and AZ actually kind of updated the style).

    The top 3 ever (for me) would be:

    3. Guru (from Gangstarr) because of his unique rhyme patterns, at a time when few people were doing that.

    2. KRS 1., who didn't sound like anyone when he dropped.

    1. Rakim, who was completely different. He singlehandedly changed the sound of rap.

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    I don't think so. But that's just my opinion, anyone who would put him in the top 3 I wouldn't have a problem with. He's a little overrated as are Big and Pac because of death, but if he hadn't died he would have gone on to have a great career. I would def put him top 10, but not top 3

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    Co-sign what Raphael said.

    But the problem is, he wasnt around that long. He still considered in the top 10 though, just like Pun.

    That may be my new favorite line from Em, by the way.

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    Definately top 3 and he had so much potential, he would have been the best rapper ever.

    My list goes like this:



    Big L

    Vinnie Paz


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    BIG L was one of the most underrated of all time

    you ask people who know nothing about hip-hop and they know about Biggie and Pac but if you mention BIG L their like what??? whos he???

    personally i think BIG L comes third then NaS

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    Hell Yeah.......I love Big L......Personally, I think he's like the most underrated rapper of all time......

    '98 Freestyle is my favorite song...

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    Hell yeah.

    Big L is my favorite of all time.

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    No!He was ok.but far overrated.

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    1 decade ago

    definately not

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