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My Parent's Plane Flight :(?

My parents have a plane flight to China tomorrow for a special occasion, but I just can't help worrying about their plane flight.

Will the pilot be good?

Will the plane be full of fuel and not half filled?

Will the plane...(can't even say the word; causes too much worry)

I'm in distress right now, and I really need some reasoning. I know if I talk to my parents, they'll think I'm crazy or something to think such bad thoughts. I've always had these worries whenever I'm not with them in a plane or something. I would so much rather whatever bad happens to them happens to them happens to me too... OK I'm getting way too far out there, can't stir up some bad luck....


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    Will the pilots be good?

    Pilots on international trips flying the big stuff have gone through decades of training and have flown for many, many years. They practice every emergency you can think of many times in simulators to the point it's second nature to them.

    Will the plane be full of fuel and not half filled?

    Planes are not topped off like you would in a car because they have to be light enough to land without breaking the runway or the plane itself. But they still fill it up with enough fuel to last strong headwinds, diversions, circling around for 45 minutes and of course getting there.

    Will the plane [crash]?

    There's no guarantee, just like everything else in life. But planes are like tanks. You're more likely to die getting to the airport than flying. To give you an idea of how well maintained planes are, one of the pilots will inspect the plane before EVERY flight. Airlines check out the planes every night when they're on the ground overnight. They're checked again every month or 500 flying hours (A Check). And again every three months (B Check). Every year or so, they're taken into the hangar and are thoroughly inspected, taking them out of service for several days (C Check). And something I doubt you do with your car (unless you had money and are really, really bored), they literally take the plane apart every 4-5 years and put it back together again! New coat of paint, replaced parts where needed, the works!

    Another thing is that planes are designed to fly with no engine power. They are able to glide safely back to an airport or safe place if needed.

    Just chill. Relax. Don't worry. There's so many things going on behind the scenes to keep people safe. After all, do you hear on the news every day of some airliner crashing? Nope.

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    often times the mummy and father have no determination. they'd be emigrating for artwork or a greater suitable existence, going to be certain kinfolk etc. i've got usually got here upon that it is the older teenagers that are greater of a soreness interior the neck. sure, I do agree that there must be a 'kinfolk' area on the airplane - yet I do think of it may be hell for those human beings sitting everywhere close to it. extremely of one toddler, that they had be surrounded by using approximately 20 - yet something of the airplane would have some peace. we would even get to be certain an excellent action picture extremely than one geared in direction of the thickest 3 12 months previous! I used to shuttle with my toddler while she replaced into youthful yet continuously on evening flights - and that i made beneficial she replaced into drained out while she went on the airplane so she slept an excellent variety of the flight! I do think of that parent's that enable their teenagers run around and be a nuisance to others must be fined - same as they do with drunks and different anti-social idiots nevertheless.

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    I've heard statistics comfort people...

    You have a better chance to get struck by lightening 10 times and win the lottery than have your plane crash.

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    International flights are usually the safest because they're thoroughly checked before they take off for really long journeys. That's the truth.

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    pilots (captains have over 10,000 hours of flying time and highly trained

    since its a major airline they will have more then enough fuel to get to their destination plus extra in case they have to land at another airport

    and did you there has not been a single commercial jet crash for

    at least 6 years?

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    I just spoke to the creator of the heavens and earth, and He assured me there will be no airplane crashes tomorrow. So please do not fear.

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