married in a courthouse in texas?

Hey everyone,

My cousin wants to get married in May at a courthouse but doesn't know all what to do and I really don't know what to tell her. Any information will help. Oh plus we live in Spring Texas if that helps any.


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    Alright..Im in The Woodlands. I don't know if you're in Harris county or Montgomery..not that it matters what county you get married in. But call the county clerks office for your county (the one in The Woodlands is right by the mall). The lady there is a gem and is VERY helpful. To actually 'be married' by the judge you need to call and make sure they are able to fit them in that certain day. If they're doing it in Harris county..have them call a county clerk's office and ask if there needs to be arrangements made. I would suggest to them to do the TWOGETHER premarital workshop..not just for the counseling..but you also get money of your license and don't have to wait the 72 hours after you get the license to get married.

    Hope that helps!

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    Miss Shannon gave you the perfect answer. I live in The Woodlands as well. Tell your friend to call the office of any justice and see how to make arrangements. The phone numbers are in the phone book.

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    hi...i just got married in san antonio....and i just wanted to mention that the workshop is beneficial mostly because in stead of the normal fee, it reduces your license cost to 6 dollars. i cant remember the course name but theyll tell you at the courthouse.

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