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Military Helicopters?

I wanna know were I can get the cheapest Soviet Mi-17 Hip and Mi-24 Hind at without spending to much money.. Or anyone that knows, and/or has blueprints can you help me build?


Doesn't have to have the hardware, i just want the looks, and Camaras and things.

Update 2:

I don't wanna keep the Helicopter in the U.S. I wanna keep it inn Siberia

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    Forget the old Soviet crap.

    Give McDonnell Douglas a call and order up a brand new AH-64D Apache Longbow!

    If the price is too steep see if they will cut you a deal on a older AH-64A model.

    If that's too much, go down to "Hobby town" and buy yourself a scale model. That might be your best bet anyway.

    Good Luck!

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    Lol, you're funny.

    You have no idea how much maintenance helicopters require. This is why helicopter transport is so rare--its incredibly expensive to maintain a helicopter in operational status compared to a small aircraft of the same capacity.

    Mi-24 you don't have a chance at getting. Any demilitarized versions would be snapped up by third-world warlords looking for a quick import. Mi-17's, that might be possible. Maybe one of the former Soviet-bloc countries, though shipping would be a lifetime of problems.

    Not only that--you need to secure a source of replacement parts, as things on old soviet aircraft aren't too reliable.

    As a Marine friend once told me--if the airfoil is traveling faster than the fuselage, you're either breaking up or flying [unsafely] in a helicopter!

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    Does anyone ever consider Google

    Note: If your capital is 10k-100k $ you can buy a Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter.

    (This would not cover bringing it up to US spec and the import costs)

    WSK-SWIDNIK MIL-2 HELICOPTER - Excellent Condition ($364K)

    ((Capt Ron... likin' the dog!))

    Keep in Siberia??? then ask your question on the Russian side of the Y!A house... OHH wait, Russia doesn't have a Y!A area.

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    Hey, if the entire Soviet Union could maintain them, I'm pretty gosh darn sure this guy can.

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    If you had it with full armor and outfitting then the U.S. could arrest you for having firearms without a permit and also would confiscate the helicopter anyway

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    Honestly if you are asking this question on Yahoo I don't think you are really in the league to acquire military hardware.

    No offense, it just doesn't make sense.

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