How should I prepare a resume' for my first job? I want to be a funeral director..eventually, now I'm only 15?

Hi, I'm 15yrs. old and I have had an interest in the funeral service ever since as early as the age of 10! So for the past five years I have always wanted to become a funeral director. It is my calling :)

I want to work and provide quality service to my friends and neighbors that I have lived w/ all my life. I wonder if it will be hard to get in the business b/c I have NO family members that are Lic. FD or own any funeral homes. So will it be hard to just come out of the blue rather than being born into this business?

I would appreciate some advice...anything at all would be helpful!

Here is one question, I want to work a my town's most respected and reputable family funeral home.

I don't want to give away too much personal info, but I'll tell ya' the name...

Betz, Rossi & Bellinger Family Funeral Home, Inc.

(If you do know this firm and you have any comments about it plz. let me know)

I have friends (adult friends) that work here and they have "guaranteed" me a job once I' am 16 (next feb.) they told me to com back and apply for an apprenticeship.

Now another thing that is on my mind, after I recieve my license and finishing my schooling at a near by community college in Albany NY, will the BRB funeral home "keep me" or let me go after the residency.

If they do "let me outta the nest" after my residency term then I'm either gonna work at a Schenectady NY or Albany NY funeral home.

If there are ANY funeral professionals out there an reading this plz. give me advice and if you know anything about any funeral homes that I have mentioned or any funeral homes in those cities listed plz. let me know which is the best in YOUR personal experiance or opionins if they are bad tell me why as well

Plz. & Thank you!

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    Ask a funeral parlor. One thing about that job is you cannot complain about business.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not in the funeral business but as a former medic I worked with a lot of morticians. This may be the easier way in the door. You can guarantee a job as well with the morticians license because the military doesn't have a mortician school they tend to take those that were certified before coming in. I was a former Navy Corpsmen (Medic in the Navy). We had one that was a licensed mortician in school and he was immediately assigned to do that in the military. You can also save a lot in the military and possibly have enough to start your own funeral home once discharged.

  • 4 years ago

    first r u ok wish that's no longer your final question and its no longer ordinary i lost my brother approximately 19 months in the past he replaced into purely 25 we had to make funeral plains for him ( no longer ordinary ) im beneficial if u died your mom and father does no longer % to try this and do u have a will that could help them comprehend how u needed the funeral to pass

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

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