why segregation laws?

why where there segregation laws in the united states.

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  • Rick R
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    1 decade ago
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    Because whites felt that blacks were lower than dirt. Therefore did not deserve the same right to use the same things as whites. Blacks were the slaves of whites. I think that this question brings up a good point. The point that we as a nation are getting further and further away from the days slavery to where someone doesnt even remember what it was.

  • 4 years ago

    Wow this is an interesting question. I never thought about what Indians and Asians were doing at the time. I think they would have sent anyone with African American heritage to the black schools. I don't know what would define how far back the blood lines went or whatever, I know that I'm 1/16th Indian, which is like a drop of blood practically. I can't imagine someone being less of something than me and still be considered even in that ethnic group. Like if somebody was 1/64th...that's whiter than I am! haha that would be weird. "Oh, I'm 1/64 African American so I go to the black school." It seems like the Indians would probably go to their own schools because they sort of have their own government, so most of them would probably go to mainly Indian schools. But the ones in public school would probably go to white schools I would think. Maybe the Asians would go to the white schools? I'm not sure. But it makes sense. It would probably apply to what race you were unless the person was totally white in color and alot of their family history was lost. Then it would probably be based on skin color. I think it was wrong though...everyone should have been allowed to go to the same school. Though it was probably hard on the kids to switch schools when all of it was going on, if their friends went to different schools. I felt the same way when I went to middle and high school because alot of my friends went to other schools because of where they live. They should have allowed desegregation to happen, but let the ones already in high school and stuff pick where they wanted to finish out the year or if they wanted to finish high school at their school. Or just have EVERYONE go to the same school and have all of the same activities that were at both schools so they wouldn't feel alone and that they could do all of the same things they did before.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    The people who made those laws saw different skin colors as

    characteristics which weren't good.

    for example, they though black people were LOUD and RUDE

    while asians were dumb and smelly.

    and mexicans were stupid and annoying and cheap.

    The white men who passed those laws thought that white people

    were the nicest, most generous kind of people that there were.

    they thought they were totally awsome and the most beautiful skin color people. CONCIEDED!!!

    They wanted to keep their sons and daughters that way by segregation. Then, a white person and black person couldn't mix

    to creat a half rude child. That way, their children would come out as nice and beautiful as possible.

  • M.E.
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    1 decade ago

    It started some time after the end of the Civil War, after slavery ended. And it continued as whites saw it as a way of keeping blacks away from them.

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  • Obama
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    1 decade ago

    I think pretty much they were in place to prevent interracial dating, and mixing of cultures. Pretty much racism!

  • 1 decade ago

    because some people in power were prejudiced

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