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Read my poems -Which is better?

Which one do you like better?First or second thanks.


I live in agony and in fear of what i have become

Who am i?What has happened?

All i feel is soreness and pain within my flesh

Everyday I walk around in my life with emptiness in my heart

A big Vacant hole

The hole is filled in with sadness and misery

A weight is buried down on me

I`ve lost the inner me and who i am

The grief i face on daily basics

One human shouldn't deal with this

Tears are hold back and a constant head pain thumps

Frustration lays in me and no hope

I am still alive physically but dead spiritually

How can i have faith if everything keeps crashing

The type of pain within me is like a wound to my heart

A blood flow falling from my arms

My eyes puffing frequently

A quick memory plays back fast

I have nothing left.

Teared Apart

Damn,just thinking of you makes my body shiver

The pain and Frustration you caused-had my mind lost thinking i was in love.

But,All you did was tore me apart, I kept running back to your devious love

All the nights i stayed up crying waking up the next day with my head burning

I could`ve died for you,Man love is blind

All you did was abuse me emotionally

Triggered and juggled my affection for you

It took me a while to get over what i had for you

Even though,you didn't have the same back for me

I forgive you for the times you had me away from reality

When ever i see you, Flash backs to the day i thought i fell in love with you plays back.

Plays back like a fast forward movie

The stupid things i did just for you

How can i love someone more than my self

The destruction you caused in my heart just devotion towards you

Man,never again must i be caught in a trap

I hate you But, I love you more for the lesson you taught me

Never give my all ever again

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    Dude, that's hardcore.

    The first one is a swirl of depression and selfishness, focusing on inner emotions. I wonder what has happened to this person to make them feel this way.

    I like the second one better because it's more specific, taking me back to an actual event. I can really relate to that second one, actually. The lines are disfigured and imperfect in length, yet that's the beauty of the poem because it mirrors your mixed-up feelings for this person.


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    The first one.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wow,Amazingly Beautiful.

    Wish i could write like that (:

    Im In love with both,So im gonna Bend the Rules and say,


    Keep On writting Poetry,You Have The Talent. <3

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    1 decade ago

    Wow, I prefer Trapped. Its very nice

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like both, nice job

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