I drive a plymouth breeze. I has auto trans. and when Im driving. It never switches out of first gear.?

it did it once, I was driving up a bridge and going about 45 and it went into second then third, before I had to stop again, then stopped paying attention. As soon as i turned it off and started driving again, there it goes, back in it's favorite gear... basically I just bought it from my cousin's girlfriend, and it already has needed some work done to it. I just wanna figure out what is actually causing this, before I make any drastic conclusions..

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    It could be related to the engine needing a basic tune up and the transmission needing thetransmission filter and fluid changed , plus the electrical system could have bad or rusted or corroded connections on the battery , alternator, starter , engine block ground and grounds posts,etc.

    I'd really start out with the basics like changing or cleaning the spark-plugs , cleaning the ignition coil's spark-plug contacts and the testing of the wires or replacing the spark-plug wires. then have the gas filter changed , check the PCV valve , air filter , clean the throttle body with throttle body spray,replace the transmission fluid with the exact factory recommended fluid and transmission filter kit.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way combinations of the problems I've mentioned , plus worn out or bad or slightly clogged filters etc could be the main reasons just why it's not shifting right but check the wiring going to the transmission comp=TCM , plus shifting problems can come from from bad grounds or faulty wiring going to the TCM or to the transmission relay and solenoid circuit.

    Another note it could be even just low on transmission fluid but if so be sure you check for any leaks and also check the transmission fluids colour, plus smell it , if it looks dark or brownish or smells like burnt cigars that simply means that at some point in time the engine has over heated. causing the transmission to also over heat.

    * " Note even though many might say that bec the fluid is brownish or smella burnt that the transmission fried or shot, don't just take their word for it bec many times a simple change of the transmission filter and fluid brings the life right back to the transmission. I might use some Lucas transmission treatment on it especially if the fluid is discoloured or the vehicle has high mileage on it".

    Another common fault in transmission misdiagnoses dealing with Dodge's is false statements about transmission mechanical failers or transmission sensors or the relay's or the solenoid packs are faulty are a lot of the times simple issues that really are related to bad wiring or especially bad grounds or TCM failers or due to a engineering update=Flashing of the program being required.

    Important last note be sure you check up with the dealership about any flash updates being available on that model and year of vehicle, they run about 60 bucks plus taxes." At times these flash program updates are the cause of the transmissions to hesitate or kick or even to buckle."Do you notice any kicking or bucking when going from 0 to 20 then to 40 or 60 or 80 or 100 kms an hr when driving that vehicle?If so do the transmission filter and fluid, check the grounds and wiring going to the TCM as I've mentioned etc but be sure you get any flash updates done asap too.

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  • Joe F
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    1 decade ago

    are u sure maybe u dont notice it goin into another gear .net drive uf u can from stop light step on gas really hard to hear if transmission goes into all gears maybe u drive too slow it dosent need another gear

  • rick b
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    1 decade ago

    Service trans and flush the torque converter, But I bet your going to need a overhaul

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  • ken k
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    1 decade ago

    try service on trans/when you have replaced the filter etc-use on qt of lucas trans conditioner during fill. thats the cheapest shot

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