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What are the most crucial issues Americans need to know today?

First, that this is not a crisis of capitalism. Americans must stop blaming the free market for today’s problems because there was no free market.

Second, Americans must grasp the actual causes of today’s crisis. They need to learn that it wasn’t the free market that failed, but the unfree market. They need to discover the role of the government’s reckless “affordable housing” crusade, and, above all, the role of the Federal Reserve’s easy credit policy, which made the housing boom possible.

Third, Americans must learn that the solution to the crisis is not to give up on freedom, but to expand freedom. We need to liberate the economy from the regulatory shackles that led banks to make unsound loans. We need to slash taxes and government spending, and start to rebuild capital. We need to end the bailouts, the nationalizations, and stimulus bills that are delaying recovery by propping up businesses that need to be liquidated. We need to end the Federal Reserve’s attempts to engineer the economy and, eventually, abolish the Fed altogether.


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is flying off the bookshelves. i suggest that everyone read it. although written in 1957, today's parallels are astounding. perhaps we could all benefit by it's cautionary message.


nwo 4 u: oh i have more, but you are right. i do not understand how it is someone's right to buy a house they cannot afford and expect others to pay for it when they default. please explain, if you can.

Update 2:

"The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity."

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    I believe that the most crucial issue for us today is the up & coming loss of our freedoms.

    In regards to the housing issue ..... Back in 1989 I worked for NationsBank now known as Bank of America.

    We were told by the US government that we had to do what was termed as C R Loans.

    C R stood for Credit Risk..Who got these loans? Mostly minorities in low income housing. They were allowed to have higher debt ratios than the "regular person" lower credit ratings, & little to no money down & forget about having to prove earnest money for a down payment, they were allowed a "Gift"

    When my husband & I did our mortgage we had to go by the real rules of mortgage loan lending. Good credit scored to get a good rate.

    Our debt to income couldn't be more than 28/36 & had to prove our earnest money for the down payment was in our bank account for over 3 months & was not borrowed or a gift.

    I left Nations Bank in 1996 & these types of C R loans were still going on & probably still are today.

  • Anonymous
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    Why stop your analysis at the point that is most convenient to your political ideas?

    Don't you understand "affordable housing" was a necessity to avoid a social explosion?

    PS: The main problem with objectivism is that it assumes a perfect humanity. In that sense, it's utopic. In reality, such vices as "greed" and "envy" only take the character of vices when they lack the strength of victory.

    Once you win, your "greed" becomes sanctioned by your power: you can pretend to have obtained everything fairly, when that's not the case. Whites in America enjoy many things only because they were good warriors, who won over these lands and could use the labor of other races free of charge.

    However, the privileges earned by force or arms can be lost by force of arms. That is what will happen, eventually, because we're not perfect beings guided by principle but biological entities struggling to make our genes succeed.

    At the point "envy" becomes victorious, it stops sporting such a distasteful name and it becomes "revolution": a revolutionary success. And then the enemies are enemies of the people, and their life is forfeit. That is how it has always been, that is how it will always be. That is reality, beyond the theoretical musings of Rand.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What are the most crucial issues Americans need to know today?

    That their country is being undermined from within by powerful groups of people who care nothing about the United States but only wish to see it's demise.

  • 1 decade ago

    The most crucial issue Americans need to know today is that the job of the President is to provide for the common defense of the nation not to remake the nation in his image.

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  • rayos
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    4 years ago

    NO yet whilst the vice chairman can shoot a guy and have that guy convey regret to him that speaks volumes. there's no room for this insanity although that's what our polictical section now dictates are a thank you to eliminate the concentration from the genuine subjects. the genuine subjects frequently get no interest and in easy terms one among 10 gets resolved or maybe addressed by way of maximum politicians whilst they are unquestionably in place of work. in reality, maximum politicians initiate agendas or progams they arrive to fruition whilst they circulate away place of work. i desire this facilitates

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) the Constitution

    2) The federal debt

    3) the amount of interest we pay on the federal debt

    4) the number of laws and regulations in the country and how they limit personal freedoms

    5) The size and cost of federal government

    6) How much money we spend on subsidies and what they cost the consumer

    7) where their congressman and senators get their campaign money from

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