Name a band that has a greater following in a country other than their own?

One example is R.E.M.

Yeah, I know R.E.M. has a great following in the States, but, in other countries they are welcomed with the same enthusiasm as if it was Pink Floyd or Rolling Stones coming to town.

Any similar examples?
Update: Hi Whiskey_girl...Eh...David Hasselhoff is an interesting answer...but where is he more popular, I wonder?

Hi Deke, thanks for your answer + explanation...sounds plausible to me...I was hoping some would elaborate, some...
Update 2: Okay David Hasselhoff in, it is a German name at least, hmm...
Update 3: Thanks Mustang_girlie - yeah that criteria pretty much proves it.

Thanks Silver - Yeah, you pegged me. I consider Fleetwood Mac an American band...
Update 4: Hi Rckets - that would explain why the lead singer married an "American girl."
Update 5: Hi Pattern Juggler, how's it goin' ?
Update 6: PJ - things goin' well. I work the nightshift so sometimes my participation here is scanty. That also explains my "sleepwalking" answers. :-)

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