Ice dam repair on the roof?

AN ice dam caused quite a leak above our kitchen this winter. Is there anything I can do to prevent this next year except keeping the gutters clear?

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    You could get roofing tar, it comes in tubes like caulking, or in small to medium sized cans, and I believe that there is even a roll on type, but you would have to check to make sure.

    So keep the gutters clean, and you might also get a roof snow removal scraper. I have one, it looks like a narrow snow shovel and has a 6 foot long rod attached, you can buy extensions in 6 foor lengths, I use three and just make sure that the snow does not gather over the gutters, especially where perpendicular roof slopes join in a valley.

    I have also used it when the snow load on the rood is high and water laden to prevent the roof from collapsing.

    Water comes in because of the ice dam, but also remember that water will wick up and flow down, so if you wanted to seal around the shingles in the area around the leak, make sure that you go high enough and wide enough to seal all cracks in the shingles and between layers of shingles.

    I do not remember what it is called, maybe "ice shield" that can be installed, when a roof has its shingles replaced, basically it is a wide piece of metal (or possibly plastic) that is placed along the eaves of a house to prevent the water from wicking up under the shingles and then flowing down the rafters.

    Good luck.

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    4 years ago

    sparkling the ice and snow off the roof and out of the gutters for now. An ice dam leak is prevented even as the roof is first put in with a rubber membrane put in lower than the roofing textile that extends up lower than the shingles a pair of ft.

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    without a major re-design and cost of your roof layout...try and quick fix of a heat trace wire.

    I do not like to use this...I would hire someone to look at the problem area and come up with a better way to protect water from coming in.

    This is funny because ...I did a kitchen renovation this winter..they had the same problem. So I installed (heat trace wire) just for the winter..I will be going back to build up this valley with framing/ice and water shield etc to correct this !!!

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