Traveling to Ireland this May/June with 10 hours stopover in Frankfurt, Germany?

I am visiting family in Ireland for a month this May/June. What kind of fun activities can you suggest? Any scenery and tourist spots to visit?

Also, I have a lay-over in Frankfurt from 10am to 8 pm... I am traveling from the US with a US passport.... Can I go out of the airport for a few hours? Because I know I'll get bored waiting. What do you suggest I can do to kill time aside from reading books/etc? Is there free internet? how about power sockets, what is the voltage?

Are there shops around?

Also, are there shower facilities in Frankfurt Main Airport?



How far is the city from the airport/ how long is the train ride?

Is transportation expensive? Also, I don't speak German, so do most people speak English?

If I get out of the airport I can leave my checked in luggage in the airport right?

I have always flown non-stop before, so I actually don't know how connecting flights work in terms of checked in luggage.

Oh... I am flying through Frankfurt because it was the cheapest flight to Ireland. And my Aunt was paying for the ticket. Long layover time though.. but it would be worth it if I am able to go around in Frankfurt for a while, even just to take pictures.

Thanks again!

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    I'd imagine you can leave the airport but it's the checking out and checking back in which takes time..I had the same problem when flying back from Hamburg and stopped off in Amsterdam for a few hours...anyways the airport should have everything you need shops and internet doubt internet will be free but some places might have free access to wi-fi..

    for power sockets you will need a plug adapter which attaches between the American two-pronged plug and a specific European socket. The result is that the American appliance will be connected to European 220v 50 cycle electrical power.

    hope this helps

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    Yes, you could take the train from the airport into the city. Just make sure you get back in time for your next flight. You'll have to go through passport control both going into Frankfurt and getting back to your flight to Ireland. It seems a little odd flying through Frankfurt to get to Ireland when some of the cheapest flights into Europe are to Ireland though. You should have time to see the old historical part of the town. The Emperor's HAll in the Roemer is particularly nice.

    There is internet, but not free. You should be able to find some power outlets. If you can get into one of the frequent flyer lounges, there are lots of power outlets and shower facilities. There are also showers in Terminal 1. The specific locations and costs are here: .

    The voltage is 220V which is essentially twice the American voltages. If you want to plug in a laptop, you just need a plug adapter though.

    There are airport shops - not as good as Amsterdam or Copenhagen, but something to do: .

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