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    Do you think wearing branded clothing can increase one's self-esteem (自信)?

    In today's society, many people are constantly seeking (looking) for the most fashionable items, such as clothing and bags.

    Nowadays, people believed that 'the more money paid for an item the better', they have not actually considered the massive price difference for branded and unbranded goods or their practicality (實用性).

    Is it worthwhile (值得, good) to spend most of one's (一個人的) monthly salary (月薪) on branded items, just to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trend?

    The majority of the public reckons (認為, thinks) wearing branded clothing can boost (增加, increase) their self-esteem; they would not care if they are moneyless, as long as they are equip with designer items. This is the main reason why branded clothing are so popular and appreciated these days.

    At first, I have also associated (聯想起) branded items with high self-esteem significantly. The feeling of having these fashionable goods and be seen on the street is indeed very positive. But when I thought about this issue more seriously, I started to realise that if a person has high self-esteem, they would not need anything additional to portrait (描寫) a positive self-image - only people who are lack of confident would need these fashionable accessories to gain a sense of security.

    We often see celebrities wearing designer clothing on magazine; their conscience (心裏) may be merely (只不過) because of those are the items that are affordable to them, thus demonstrating hierarchy (高地位, higher position). However, chasing the trend of fashion may sometimes cause issues like wastage, as the items that were worn by celebrities are only used once or twice.

    In conclusion, we should not be lavishing (spending) our money on unnecessary designer items. I think the sense of self-esteem gained from designer items are not the actual confidence. The true confidence is shown by our inner self, not from the extravagance goods.

    Source(s): Hope this article makes it on time. Good luck with your test!
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    Do you think wearing brand name products can increase self-confidence?

    In the modern society, many people are chasing for brand name products including clothing and purses. They only look at the price tag which they think the more expensive would be the better. They totally ignore the price differences between the brand name products and common name products, and also its practical needs. Without considering all these facts and spend the entire month’s salary on brand name products, is it worth?

    I believe most people would think wearing brand name products can increase self-confidence. They do not care how much money in their own purses, they will feel more confident as long as they are wearing brand name products. This is the reason why brand name products are so popular.

    At the beginning, I thought that wearing brand name products can increase self-confidence. It was because after wearing brand name products and walk on the streets, I felt totally different.

    But now when I think about it carefully, people with high level of self-confidence does not need the brand name products to enhance their confidence level, only people without confidence will do that.

    We always see the movie stars and singers wearing brand name products to take pictures. In fact, their thinking is the same, they want to use some brand name products that normal people cannot afford to represent their status.

    Furthermore, in order to catch up with the trend, they will only wear them once or twice which will cause the waste problem.

    We should not use hard-earn money to spend on brand name products because that is not the real confidence of an individual. The real confidence of an individual reflects on his personality.

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