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chi ming asked in 健康心理健康 · 1 decade ago



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    Anxiety and worries can trigger your fear emotion. Fear emotion generated from two peanut-sized structures in your brain called amygdala杏仁核, will in turn affect your functioning in hippocampus 海馬迴, a structure responsible for learning and memory. Anxiety will reduce your attention and concentration too.

    So you need to learn relaxation technique,

    get enough rest/sleep,

    prepare your test earlier and repeat studying/revision more time to gain confidence - good preparation is the best way to reduce anxiety.

    Prepare early when you are still not anxious.

    Do some sports or gentle physical exercises will help too.

    Also, you have no problem with your memory usually unless you use recreational drug or have had head injury, so no need to worry about your brain.

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