MC Cafe 的起源和背景資料

因為我要做一份project 講MC Cafe, 想知佢d 資料, thanks

1/ MC Cafe 係美國幾時開始?

2/ MC Cafe 係香港幾時開始?

3/ MC Cafe 的背景資料

4/ 客戶的分佈

5/ annual report

5/ 其他有關資料


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    Hong Kong

    McDonald's sells beef, chicken and pork burgers. Fried chicken wings and nuggets are also popular. In some restaurants, a separate counter sells ice cream and desserts to pedestrians. Soft Serve Ice Cream can be ordered with either red beans or green beans. Some restaurants have a section for the McCafé. Apart from the general menu, it also promotes some other foods seasonally or longer, like spicy french fries, the Shogun Burger (a Teriyaki pork patty with lettuce, served in a sesame seed bun), Grilled Chicken Burger, twisted macaroni breakfasts, salads, soups, pineapple or red bean sundae, pineapple pies, taco flatbreads with pork, beef or chicken, rice fan-tastic (a burger-like entree with rice patties in place of buns) and many others. A cup of Corn is always available as a substitute for fries in a set-menu, or for purchase on its own. Hong Kong hosts some of the world's busiest McDonald's with many operating round the clock. It also sells many toys or dolls, like Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and Disney figures in addition to set meals, which are very popular. In Chinese New Year, red packets (lai see) are included in set meals. During the local Bun Festival, McDonald's restaurant on the island of Cheung Chau sells mushroom burgers instead of hamburgers and any other items which contains meat. In Kowloon Park, there is also a small counter named Snack Station selling ice cream, as well as a counter that sells McDonald's drinks in the swimming pool.

    * Shake Shake Fries - flavored French fries. Shake Shake Fries are only available in certain periods of time throughout the year. There are several different flavors including seaweed, chargrill, French onion and salt and pepper.

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