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+20點 請幫我把這段中文翻譯成英文 急急急





1系訂課程學習 : 藉由本係提供的必修課程及選修課程,期望提升自己的外文能力 ,對日本 英國文學 有更升入的認識

2其他基礎語言學習 : 除英日語外也會積極接觸第二種外文,我期望自己的語文能力和接受度有更多方位<多方面>的發展

3社會環境的認識 : 主動接觸業界資訊,了解就業環境現況,增進對未來職場認識,使自己能擁有對外文相關行業初步了解。


因為有時候翻譯機的怪怪的 ˊˋ

謝謝你們喔 感激不盡

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    Mid-term Plan

    1Curriculum study: by taking the compulsory courses and elective curriculums within the department, I expect to enhance my own ability in terms of foreign languages, and know better about Japanese and English literature.

    2 Other fundamental languages learning: besides English and Japanese, I will also aggressively try to learn another foreign language as well. I expect my language ability and acceptance can be dimensionally < in all aspects > developed.

    3 Social environmental understanding: to actively know more information of related business, understand present employment situation, and promote my understanding about the future workforce, so I will enable myself to have preliminary understanding of the foreign language related profession.

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    1. major course learning: my major department provides obligatory courses and elective courses. i hope i can promote my foreign language skills. Therefore i can be more familiar with japanese and elglish litertures.

    2. other fundamental language learning: excepting english and japanese i will also learn other languages. i hope my language abilities and adopability can be developed in muti aspects.

    3. social environmental undestanding: to be an active learner in learning industry informations. Understanding jobs environment current situations, so that i can be more famaliar with knowing the working environment in futrure. Also i can understand fundamental aspects about education industries.

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