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關於Piet Mondrian 的資料 中英

誰可以給我Piet Mondrian這個藝術家的資料



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    蒙德里安 1872-1944 Mondrian, Piet 原名Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan


    2009-04-03 21:41:17 補充:

    Dutch painter. At the insistence of his father, headmaster of a Calvinist school, he obtained an education degree, but then immediately began taking painting lessons. His first paintings, which followed the prevailing trend of Dutch landscape and still-life painting, were exhibited in 1893.

    2009-04-03 21:43:08 補充:

    Later he broke away from tradition and became a leading figure in De Stijl.

    2009-04-03 22:01:41 補充:

    intended as a purely objective vision of reality, based on the simplest harmonies of straight line, right angle, and the primary colors plus black, white, and gray (e.g., Composition in Yellow and Blue, 1929).

    2009-04-03 22:02:09 補充:

    He painted in the Neoplastic style for the next 20 years, until he fled war-torn Paris for London and then New York in 1940.

    2009-04-03 22:02:40 補充:

    Inspired by the city's pulsating life and the new rhythms of U.S. music, he replaced his austere patterns with a series of small squares and rectangles that coalesced into a flow of colorful vertical and horizontal lines.

    2009-04-03 22:06:31 補充:

    His late masterpieces (e.g., Broadway Boogie-Woogie, 1942-43) express this new vivacity. His work exerted a profound influence on 20th-century art, architecture, and graphic design.

    Source(s): , 大英簡明百科
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