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Quite apart from demonstrating Greek designers’ strength of feeling and frustrated impotence, ‘the need to do something’, this set also shows what the poster has largely become for us now. Fairey’s Hope, the iconic poster of Barack Obama, may have been printed more than 300’000 times, but it is probably an exception, a swansong for the genre. It will, in any case, have been seen many more times on the cover of Time magazine or on the news websites around the world that featured it.

No longer posted on walls or even printed at full ‘poster’ size {or, indeed, any other}, posters such as these instead lead a virtual life on websites such as Flickr (the full set of these posters can be seen at When occasionally the posters are printed, it is when they are picked up by the printed media, such as in this case Lifo, a Greek freesheet targeting the youth market – or indeed in illustration to an article such as this.

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    相當除展示感覺和沮喪的無能希臘設計師的力量之外, `需要做something',這個集合也顯示什麼海報為我們現在主要成為了。 Fairey的希望, Barack Obama偶像海報,也许打印了超过300 ' 000次,但是它大概是例外,風格的一swansong。 無論如何,被看見了許多时期在时代杂志蓋子或在以它為特色的新聞網站上環球。 不再張貼在牆壁上甚至打印在充分的`poster大小{或的確,任何其他},海報例如這些帶領在網站上的真正生活例如Flickr (這些海報全套能看在。 当海報偶爾地打印时,是他們在這種情況下被拾起由打印装置,例如Lifo,瞄準青年市场的希臘freesheet -或的確在例證對一篇文章例如此。

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