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1.write a formal/informal invitation for dinner

host : MR. &Mrs. Harry McLean

guest: MR. &Mrs. William Thomas

2. write a formal/informal reply for acceptance

3.write a formal/informal reply for declining the invitation

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    Formal invitation for dinner

    Dear MR. &Mrs. William Thomas

    Cause the-------------we are looking forward you to spare your time

    to come this----------

    best regard MR. &Mrs. Harry McLean

    informal invitation for dinner


    This is Harry McLean. we have the----------- and we hope you can

    come .

    Bye see you!

    a formal reply for acceptance

    Dear MR. &Mrs. Harry McLean:

    We appreciate your invitation ,and we will not miss this --------

    and thanks for your invitation.

    Best regard MR. &Mrs. William Thomas

    informal reply for acceptance


    Thanks you tell me , I will go in that time! see you later!

    William Thomas

    a formal reply for declining the invitation

    Dear MR. &Mrs. Harry McLean:

    We appreciate your invitation ,cause in that day we already have

    some schedual and not available to attend but we still greatful for

    your invitation.

    best regard MR.and Mrs.william Thomas

    infomal decling for invitation


    This is William Thomas ,we afraid can not go but thank you tell us


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