How do you handle professionals who act unprofessional?

I mean when you go to either cops, lawyers, sales people, hospital workers, psychologists even, whatever or whoever the professional might be, you'd think that they were there because in their best interest they wanted to help you, or at least do their jobs right, but instead, what happens is, they let their emotions, opinions, personal biases, and judgements almost show through. Even if they don't show through by what they say, their faces indicate it.

it's like, if you want "help" you have to be very selective where you go, same with cops, same with doctors, same with therapists, same with car mechanics, teachers, you name it.

Why is humanity so flawed like this?

Literally it's like every other or every 2nd person has to suck.

It personally gets on my nerves,because it's like you're PAYING for the service, paying for the help, and you're in distress or whatever, and need the help,

and they can be immature, biased, opinionated, and unhelpful.

What gives?

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Everyone seems to carry their own chips on their shoulders, and treats everyone else accordingly. Are there any good, sane, and normal people out there anymore? Or is it all, just ...insane people?

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They just judge you and it's extremely annoying.

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    Most people have bias because they lack perspective or are stupid, or both.

    That, or they want money. For the most part, these professional people are not professional. They were young, they said "I want to make a lot of money", and then they worked hard to get their degree. Now that they have a job they can do whatever they want and still get paid, and naturally they will take the path of least resistance.

    Great are the people who naturally have you in their mind. The psychologists that are 17 years old who will talk you out of killing yourself or make you feel so loved and important despite still being in high school. They are just smart. They understand what you are saying here; if everyone was nice, then the world would be better. But the asshole individuals won't take on that stance because nobody else will. Then they are working twice as hard to be nice to everyone but nobody is being nice back. It's a circular shithole that humanity won't get itself out of.

    I think a huge part of the bias-free objective caring viewpoint is whether an individual has done psychedelics before. I see that theory proved correct to me time and time again. After a person lives a life as a speck of dust while tripping on LSD or mushrooms, they can see what it is like for other people. They act as if they were actually a logical judge for what makes people feel good watching the environment they are in from a third person perspective and thinking "Hmm, everyone in this situation would benefit if this person did this." Then they act the way they imagine the best way to be.

    The only thing you can do is realize that you and others like us are better than the people you speak of. When they act like fools, imaging them a 10 year old child going "stupid! idiot! dummy! you smell!" No matter how insulting the kid can be, you know they are dumb and inferior in all ways, and you simply laugh off their remarks as if nothing was said. Because nothing was actually said. When nothing says something, that something has a value of nothing.

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