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Is the xbox 360 better than the playstation 3?

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    Ha Ha Ha... lol Oh Lloyd... Ps3 can't handle Gears 1/2... lol.. Oh give me a minute.... Gears 1/2 was nothing compared to killzone 2..... 20 GB textures in Killzone 2 vs 3-4GB in Gears... What do you have to say about that. PS3 doesn't have 512 MB RAM I agree, but it doesn't need it cause it uses the powerful CELL processor which has 8 cores running at 550MHz as compared to 3 cores running at 500MHz on the 360. 360 is basically a comp where graphics are rendered by the GPU whereas PS3 uses Cell Tech where the GPU and CPU bear the brunt of churning out graphics. Hence PS3 doesn't need a heap of RAM.

    PS3 can run Gears 2 without any stress on the CPU. Hell, it won't even require 50 % of PS3's power (Killzone 2 used on 60% so how the hell is gears 2 not playable on PS3?). hell, PS3 can run Gears 1 and 2 simultaneously.

    Each game you've mentioned eats dust in front of GOD OF WAR 3 (yes even Halo eats dust).. forget any other game.

    Ps3 has a much better exclusive line up this year and in 2010.

    Ps3 is better in every other way(apart from price & online) than the 360.. Better features, Blu-Ray, Better upcoming games, better Reliability..... In short, PS3 is a price cut away from kicking 360's A$$.

    Hey dumbass do you have color blindness or what? Killzone 2 is the best looking game on a console and it's not coming out of me, but it's coming out of every gaming site on the planet. IGN, gamespot (since you trust metacritic so much... search each review in it and you will see the words 'THE BEST LOOKING GAME ON A CONSOLE'... name whatever site you want all say that KZ2 is the best looking console game. You are quoting an Epic developers word who is working on Gears development. Of course he will ***** about the PS3. Hell, even MGS4 was better looking than Gears 2. The characters in gears 2 looked like plastic figures whereas Killzone 2 they look like real people.

    And another fact that Ps3 is more powerful lies in the online aspect aswell. Do you think Gears 2 developers didn't want to incorporate 32 player online or 60 player online in Gears 2? Like the ones in Killzone 2 and Resistance 2? They can't cause 360 cannot render to many things at a time without dropping framerates. PS3 powerful processor does the calculations at twice the speed. MAG (Massive Action Game) is coming out on the PS3 with 256 player online support. A 360 can't even go past 30.

    I took up the God Of War 3 name cause all GOW titles are epic. don't stupid 360 fanboys blow Halo out of proportion even before the game has arrived? And please I only compared the graphics of KZ2 and Gears 2. Gears 1/2 are TPS and KZ2 is a FPS. Gears 1/2 have hardly any competition in their department(so it's rated relatively) where as KZ2 matched up to the likes of COD4 and surpassed Halo in many ways (and don't tell me Halo scored more on metacritic cause the likes of COD4 and KZ2 were not released or else the game would be crap when compared to them). During E3 2005, when Killzone 2 was first seen, M$ were the first one to say that the images were pre-rendered and could not be handled by any next gen console (ya cannot be handled by the crapbox). When the game came out, even EPIC admitted that the game was great looking due to the 20 GB textures in it... Then why the hell are you saying that Gears 2 is better looking.

    'Killzone 2 is the second best looking game ever made' (CRYSIS is first)-Quoted by n number of developers. Do you think a crap 256MB GPU can produce the second best looking game ever? As I told 360 graphics=GPU whereas PS3 graphics=GPU+CPU (and by the way CPU of PS3 took millions more than the 360 to be built... Produced by IBM, Toshiba and Sony_. Why the hell would it cost if it were to be inferior to the prehistoric 360 architecture?

    Well, just wait for 6-8 months. Uncharted 2.. as seen by few reviewers (they have seen the actual gameplay) have said the game beats Killzone 2 in graphics. Even if that doesn't settle things, GOD OF WAR 3 in FULL HD will settle things

    EDIT:lol...this keeps on getting better and better... Well OK lets just assume King Lloyd is right and that an inferior 360 Xenos CPU kicks the crap out of PS3's multi-billion dollar CELL CPU... and also lets assume that Gears 2 is better looking than any game ever made(ha ha).. How much does the 360 goes further?M$ have already crapped and are planning a new xbox whereas Sony keeps on rubbishing rumors of PS4 saying PS3 has 5 years still left..Why do you think M$ will take such a step if the 360 was superior to the PS3? as I said at GDC 09 (just a few days back), Sony kept a gameplay session of Uncharted 2 and God Of War 3. The session was visited by the best site reviewers and devs (check video at youtube).. and all said that both game can even give Crysis a run for it's money (now king llyod will say Gears 2 better than Crysis..blah blah blah). Face it. In 8 months time you will have to eat your words (we will probably meet again then.. When Uncharted 2 is released hopefully you won't change your name in embarrassment) .

    And it's utter ****.. I never said Resistance 1&2 used 40GB. I only said Killzone 2 used 40 GB and yes it's the best looking game(again u won't admit it, but I don't care..). KZ2 uses 40GB cause of the animations(200 different the way you kill someone.. so if you shoot one in the leg, he that 199 more),environment, amount of people on screen (at a time,there are more that 20-30 people on screen during a few parts...(How many did gears support by the way...not more than 10). And don't talk trash that FPS requires less detailing compared to TPS.. hell, instead it's the other way round as in a TPS, a majority portion of screen is taken by the character.. you idiot.. so less detailing is required as the clothes remain constant. Also, RE5 and KZ2 are miles apart. Th character animation, lighting, shadows in KZ2 are far more better than RE5 so stop blabbing sh*t.

    Oh ya... and I just came around an article where EPIC developers themselves said that Gears 2 uses 90%(just go to the below link-1st so that you realize I am not bluffing) 360 potential(oh now.. EPIC sucks as well does it?). If that is all the crapbox can churn, then it's lights out my boy. Also go to the second link where Gears producer himself admits 360 maxing out and only small room left for improvement. PS3 still is at 60%...

    Final EDIT: Good to know lloyd embraced reality. I never said 360 has bad exclusives. This whole argument started when you claimed that PS3 can't handle Gears 2... Both 360 and PS3 have good exclusives. I just feel that comparing an epic game like MGS4 to Gears 2 is childish (again no offense to Gears 2.. Gears is an awesome franchise, but MGS has been the numero uno franchise for over a decade with Final Fantasy and GT... MGS4 was EPIC and the world acknowledged it... it scored perfect 10 at IGN and numerous other sites... Kojima is more respected than any developer on this planet and all the 360 fanboys are hoping that the recently announced MGS5 comes to the 360.. which I think it will ). I personally own a 360 and like Gears 2(if you haven't noticed, I am a Top contributor in the Xbox forums as well)...

    I also agree with you that 360 has better exclusives as off now, but in this year and the next, PS3 has much better exclusives if you ask me. PS3 currently has Killzone 2, Infamous, Uncharted 2, MAG,GOD OF WAR 3, GT5, Quantum Theory,Heavy Rain,FF vs 13,Twisted Metal.... If you haven't noticed, some of the titles are AAA (GT5, Final Fantasy vs 13, GOD OF WAR 3, Uncharted 2,Heavy Rain....) and only game I can think worthy of buying on 360 this year are Halo:OSTD, Alan Wake and Mass effect 2 (that too there are rumors that PS3 version is being

    Sony is and will continue to win the exclusives battle due to their first party exclusives. This is where Sony is seriously out classing M$. Since this generation started M$ has been losing first party studios like Bungie and Bizarre while Sony has added studios under their umbrella such as Guerrilla and Evolution. Sony is smart, instead of wasting tons of cash on timed exclusive deals for third party games and DLC they've invested that cash into their first party studios that will make games that will ALWAYS be on systems named Playstation. I heard that Sony has more studios under their roof(more than 30) than M$(which has less then 5) and Nintendo combined. With studios like Guerrilla, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Team Ico, etc. making first party titles for Sony you know that their systems will always have quality games.

    Hence, I think PS3 will always win the exclusive war eventually. Last year, PS3 scored more on the exclusive titles cause title like MGS4, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Valkyrie chronicles.... Yes you might argue that Gears 2 better than MGS4, Fable 2 better than VC.... But in the end I feel PS3 will have better quality exclusives than the 360 due to the amount of developers Sony has roped in. Last year saw a change in trend and this year too, I do feel Sony will have the last laugh.If M$ really had so many unannounced exclusives, then what are they waiting for to announce them? Developers themselves announce games a year back so that hype is generated. And I never said M$ owns the sites(catch @Archos for that.. since he works at gamespot..) , but I can surely say IGN and Gamespot are 360 biased (hell even the PS3 page has 360 ads in them)We both can argue all day, but we will let time decide who wins.

    Anyways sorry for the harsh words I have used or abused you in any way. Nothing personal... I am just angry that my f*ckin 360 has broken for the third time..RROD and just venting out my frustrations on you. Sorry man.

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    fee Ps3: 40gb, $4 hundred / 80gb, $500 loose on line = $4 hundred/$500 Xbox 360: 120gb $470 $50/year for on line = $470/$670 with 4 years on line service ps3 is low-value with on line blanketed Ps3: backwards nicely matched/performs ps2 video games with downloadable application, want a highspeed connection. 50 gb blu ray discs for hd video games and hd video clips Xbox: backward nicely matched/performs xbox video games 9 gb dvd discs for hd video games and classic def video clips The xbox 360 is in a position to play xbox video games out of the container on a similar time as the ps3 demands a acquire on your ps3 to play ps2 video games. however the ps3 makes use of bluray technologies for video games and severe def video clips. actually the ps3 discs can shop extra records for extra useful photographs and hd action picture playback, the xbox 360 can purely play dvds, no longer blu rays. New sport consoles: there is meant to be a clean xbox in a pair years, the ps4 isn't meant to come back out for over 8 or 9 years. The ps3't technologies is extra as much as date than the xbox 360. video games popping out solely on the ps3 this twelve months: Killzone 2 metallic equipment good 4 Little huge Planet Gran Tourismo Haze which contain all of the multi-platform video games like Grand robbery motor vehicle 4, and Madden. The xbox 360 at the instant has extra video games because of the fact it is been out for a twelve months longer than the ps3. The xbox and the ps3 the two get related to the comparable volume of latest video games now. i might pass with the ps3 because of the fact it incredibly is going to be around longer and has extra useful technologies. in case you get a ps3 some good video games that are already out contain: Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Heavenly Sword, and speak to of accountability 4.

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    -one of the best blu ray players on the market if not THE best (blu ray players with the same capabilities as the ps3’s run from 500-600 dollars)

    -free online play

    -rechargeable controllers

    -VERY reliable and durable

    -will have more games than the 360 at the end of 2009 (with bigger and better titles)

    -online play is great

    -amazing graphics

    -great selection of games

    -game discs are blue ray

    -better graphics card and faster processor than 360

    -only 0.2% defective rate after opened from box

    -won best console of 2008

    -built in free wifi

    -double coated discs that protect it against scratches even from steel wool. (check the video on youtube, its impressive!).


    -larger online community

    -online costs money to use

    -30% defective rate after opened from box (yes, 30!)

    -breaks down and creates the ring of death (scoring of the discs until they arent readable)

    -amazing graphics

    -great selection of games

    -has HD DVD player (which is obsolete and useless because they only make Blu Ray DVDs, not HD DVDs.)

    -not cheaper than the ps3. wifi adapter is 100 bucks and 1 year of online is 50 ($150 added to any bill)

    Dont waste your time with an xbox they will just break. i have owned both for a long time and the PS3 is by far the better choice. so its 100 dollars more...big deal. you get a larger hard drive and an amazing blu ray player. dont listen to bias people. you will get xbox lovers saying how the ps3 is junk. they are beyond ignorant. they are both amazing but the ps3 triumphs.

    Source(s): im not a fanboy. i own both systems. ended up with 3 broken 360s and one outstanding ps3 to the guy below 80% of those exclusives have ar ating less than 7 and are no where near popular..sure they are exclusive, but they arent worth chosing a 360 one likes those games
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  • Anonymous
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    Soory.. had to cut due to lack of space...


    FINAL EDIT here as well: So the fights over?....aww. Llyod good to see you admit that KZ2 finally is better looking (though not by a big margin.. as you said).

    Somehow I disagree with a few point you made in your last edit. 2008 was PS3's year (not coming out of a fanboy, but a Gamespot employee). You can check the success rate of last years exclusives and PS3 did win cause it had 3 heavy hitters-MGS4, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet... PS3 mainly won in our eyes cause the sales of PS3 were greater than the 360 for the first 7-8 months solely relying on games(of course,when MGS4 was released, PS3 sales actually doubled to the 360 sales as per VG charts). We say a PS3 won cause games actually sold the console unlike the 360 which finally resorted to a price drop. PS3 ruled for the first 8-9 months whereas a final price cut resulted in 360 kicking crap out of PS3 in the last holiday season (where the sales literally compensated). You can check that last year, PS3 sold 10.7 million units where as 360 sold somewhere around 10.85 million which is surprisingly close as PS3 only had software to sell it and no price cut. That is why we say that last year PS3 had better exclusives which helped ship 10 million consoles. It's not quantity my friend, it's quality.

    Oh ya.. and Mass Effect was released in 2007 so it's not considered here.

    LBP was an awesome game... You might not like it, but that doesn't mean the 3 million people who bought it don't like it. The testimony of how great the game was lies in the fact that the game in every game awards (note EVERY) held after it's released,has bagged more awards than MGS4 and Gears 2 COMBINED!!! It was a technical marvel cause level making is a complex art that even developers find hard. And the game made it look ridiculously simple to a casual user.

    I agree with the point that XYZABC made... about timed exclusive and DLC. Who so ever came out with the timed exclusive idea should be shot in his A$$. What did M$ gain by paying Rockstar 50 million $'s for the GTA DLC? The DLC is coming out on the PS3 as well as confirmed by Rockstar.. later this year or early next year... 50 million down the drain. The DLC hardly shifted 360 consoles (though the DLC sold well... but still 360 sales remained constant). I mean 50M is a lot of cash... an entire new game can be made in 50M!!!! I would any day prefer a game like Killzone 2 over a 10 hour GTA DLC. And it's not that M$ spends more or something. Both the companies have an equal budget, but Sony spends it wisely if you ask me. PS3 users hardly cared about the DLC cause KZ2 compensated big time and GTA is kind of getting old fast. And it's not just GTA, Bioshock, Oblivion... name it.. so many timed exclusives... all had virtually no impact on PS3 sales.

    I respect your taste, but this is as per the survey of what a normal user needs(not meaning you are abnormal or something... just a survey of what people like). Last year was pretty close and it's safe to say both consoles did pretty well in their own accord. And I agree with XYZABC that what the hell is M$ waiting for to announce 360 titles for this year. Even we at Gamespot were speculating M$ announcing something big for 360 at GDC 09, but nothing happened!!! PS3 got MGS5(Ps3 confirmed... 360 maybe..) and Rachet and Clank game.. whereas nothing actually happened at GDC 09 for the 360. I can tell one thing for sure, that at E3, companies usually showcase future prospects (like at E3 05 Killzone 2 was announced, similarly at E3 07 God Of War 3 was announced....). No one announces a game at E3 if they are going to release the damn thing in 2-3 months. I mean what the hell were they doing for so long. Don't they want their title to be noticed? I don't know if this is MS's strategy or something, but if they announce a title or 2 at E3 for 2009, then it's pretty dumb on their part. The biggest thing that could happen for MS this year at E3 is if MGS5 goes multi-plat (which I have a gut feeling..will).

    And yes.. I still stand by my statement that some sites are biased towards the 360. I ain't saying that MS pays to rip the PS3 titles, but I do feel that PS3 is the most discussed console ever. By discussed I mean that ever since it has come out, all the sites are after Ps3 like vultures speculating every move the console legend takes. Maybe it's cause people wanted a change and so, 360 support came out as it was the only thing that opposed PS3. I also say that Sony were a bit clumsy at start. They felt that they cruised with the PS1 and PS2 and similar things will happen with the PS3. How wrong they were... But they quickly pulled their socks and were back in the race.

    Everything was going well for the 360 2 years back. Major titles like Gears, Halo, Mass Effect hitting, prices were cheaper than the PS3...No one even gave PS3 a chance. But then suddenly the RROD issue cropped up and suddenly 360 became the target of every site on the planet. Even our own site who was hooting for the 360 suddenly realized what was happening and changed party. Then every one stayed with the PS3.. MGS4 came and was given a God like status... But still there was something that was missing.... A price cut... The 360 introduces a price cut... Seeing more 360's sold.. again everyone changed party.. It's a funny world.. Especially the gaming industry.

    Trust me, during this holiday season, when PS3 will get the price cut, it will again be applauded for it. It won't end.

    Who in the world cares if you want a PS3 or not(except for Sony). Who in the world cares that I still play PS1 games!! Just ask yourself if you want it now or when GOW3 comes out. I still think that Infamous, Heavy Rain ,MAG(especially looking out for this one. 256 multi-player sounds pretty sweet...), Quantum Theory (a TPS) would be worth checking out. The main advantage with a PS3 is that the games remain exclusive. Most 360 exclusives are available on the PC and that too with better graphics... So I prefer a PS3 cause GOD OF WAR 3 and MGS4 can't be played on a PC or 360.

    P.S.: lol The asker of the question will be thinking WTF is Sorry dude.

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    In online? Yes

    But in features, games, etc.... then No

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Xbox is JUNK!!!

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