im 14 and planning to write a book?

hello yahoo answers ;) I have recently put alot of thought into writing a book,I have been told several times by several people that I am a vary potential and powerfull writer not to sound conceded but I do agree I am a vary sympathetic and creative writter i have the ability to project vivid imagery in your head and blow your mind.its not a question of if i can do it I do have the capacity,the dedication,and commitment to it but its the reality of it actually becoming published how would i be able to do this,when?and where? i have not yet thought of excatly what it is i am going to write about yet but first I need to know if I Spend a year or 2 writting something will it actually ne published and marketed? I need to know what a manascript should look like,where should i write it,the chances of it being published etc...please ignore my speeling and grammer errors Im not the best at that at all thats really the only thing I need work on btw, I Am vary inspired by the twilight series by stephanie meyer:) thanks you everyone any help would be greatly appreciated..


thank you for all your answers it is vary appreciated. as for kk I know you mean well and probably talk from past experiences considering that you are familiar on this topic,however im only 14 and have yet any writing experience aside from class work and other never really know one day I might be the next best writer although vary unlikely I know.most authors started off this way so if they could do it then so can I and I realize my spelling and grammar is ****,exactly why I mentioned that but if i have to hire a proffesinal editor then so be it but im not gona give up on my sure if you read a piece of my work you would be in shock also despite your 21 years of experience:) good day...

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    Don't worry about becoming published until you've actually written your potential book! You have made numerous errors just in writing your question, for instance: conceded should be conceited; vary should be very; its should be it's -- and there are many more as you are aware. You may be a good writer for your age of fourteen, but you are quite unlikely to be able to produce a professionally written and polished manuscript which a publishing company will wish to invest money in producing; those companies are in business to make money so are reluctant to pay advances to writers unless they are certain of recouping their investment and realizing a profit. However, when you've written your story, before you attempt to sell it to a publisher, if you can not spell and do not understand grammar, you will need to pay for a professional edit of your work -- and that can be quite expensive. Every teenage girl has been "inspired" by the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer, and countless numbers of your contemporaries are also dreaming of writing novels -- the majority with vampire themes. Be aware that you can not hope to compete with Stephenie Meyer. When you do write your story, use Microsoft Word and the Times New Roman font 10, and definitely employ your spell-checker! Anyway, best of luck with your writing; the process of creating an actual story/novel will be great experience for you regardless if the result is never published.

  • I'm 13 and writing my own novel. My high school professor in English is my avid reader and supporter. However, I am not planning to publish it because I will not be taken seriously by publishers. I think you should finish your novel and make sure it is very good before finding a publisher. You know, today's world has a crisis and some publishers will not take you seriously. But be confident, just write because the time will come.

    I believe you can do it so Good luck! :)

    P.S. (Post script)

    Oh, so you're inspired by Stephanie Meyer's Twilight? Though I am not a fan, I wish you to be as successful as she is now. I am also inspired by Noli Me Tangere and Ms. Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice. It's so nice to read books, isn't it?:)


    Ren from Asia

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    (Grins) You too, huh? I'm a 14 year old who's always had dreams of getting a story of mine published (I've actually had a poem of mine published). The same applies for me, too, but what you need to know is this: you won't be taken very seriously for someone your age. If a publisher is looking at a bunch of submissions then one by a hopeful fourteen year old won't really seem stupendous.

    What really matters is your talent, and how you word it. Different things appeal to different people, keep that in mind.

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    With all due respect, if you were such a talented young writer you'd know how to spell and construct a sentence properly. This drivel shows us you lack the talent and ability to write more than one sentence without an error in it.


    Fred, I have been a professional writer for seven years and writing for 14. I think I know by now what is good writing and what is bad writing. I strongly suggest you keep your mouth closed on things you know nothing about.

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    Okay, several different points,

    1. if you are going to be a writer the first thing you need to do is learn how to spell your profession, WRITER not writter! Spell check is key!

    2. There are certain publishers for certain kinds of books so you have to write it first.

    3. If your not passionate to write the book just to write it and not to have it published then writing isn't for you. You don't write to get published you write because it's a passion something you can't live without doing!

    answer mine!;_ylt=As5Vb...

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    Congratulations on feeling confident of yourself. You might need it at this point.

    Now, to get your work published is not easy to do. I'm only saying this because your manuscript will go through a lot of rejections and holds, but that's okay! Just keep pushing on and soon you'll have your novel marketed.

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    Don't pay any attention to KK some people don't know talent if it smacked them in the face. Just write stories and when your ready to go to college you will learn the rest.

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