Buick Park Avenue Ultra, Cadillac STS/SLS, Audi?

i have a 1998 Park Avenue Ultra and i love it, it is fast for a granny car ha ha, it rides smooth, but it just doesnt have enough features. i have HIDz in it and i wanna do some other mods to it but im not sure if i wanna waste my time or get something else. if i were tp get another park avenue ultra i would want to get an '03 or '04 cuz i like the chrome accents. but i kinda want some thing a little more luxurious or smaller. i like the looks of Audi's and i have heard good and bad things about them, i like the A4 and A6z. also i like the 1998 and up Caddy Seville STS/SLS. but the reason i got my park av ultra is cuz i heard the head gaskets go out on the caddies, but now i am second guessing them cuz they are really nice cars. i saw a charcol colored ont with black leather interior, it was sooo nice. what should i do? does any one have an info/comments on Audi's, Caddy STS/SLSzor Park Avenue Ultras?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You're better off with the Ultra....

    Audi's are neat but are very expensive to service and to insure. The Northstar engine is notorious for head gasket leaks resulting in engine replacements, major oil leaks including the pan which the trans has to be pulled to be serviced, that great TCC solenoid code which means the trans needs rebuilt... Overall a real nightmare for simple repairs.

    Your Buick will run for a long time and parts are cheap, and it's a really nice car.

    Source(s): Owned an Ultra, also am a Cadillac service manager.
  • 3 years ago

    i assume which you're procuring a used A6? i might % on the two.8, in particular because of the fact the two.7 Bi-rapid could be costly to repair while the turbos fail. just to fill you in- my dad has an 2006 A6, now coming to 5 years previous yet its nevertheless working completely. lIts actual to various older Audi fashions have an argument with reliability. As such, i might many times propose one to purchase a extra moderen kind, probable an A4, for the comparable money.

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