How likely am I to get into West Point?

As of a few months ago, I knew my chances of admission were pretty much zero, since I had not put much effort into my first two years of high school, and the admissions people classified GPA and class rank as 'very important' as an admissions factor. However, I have just been accepted into their summer program for high school juniors Due to this, I have been identified (unofficially) as a 'top candidate' for admission. How would these factors weigh in against each other?

BTW, my SAT score was 2320 and my ASVAB was 95


My GPA is 2.3 and I am in football and track. I am also a platoon commander in my school's JROTC.

Update 2:

and i have several people ready to give me recommendations.

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    West Point has the smallest Summer Seminar, only 800 candidates compared to USNA's 2300. With so few slots I don't think they offer them to applicants they do not consider competitive. In addition, the Service Academies are primarily concerned with grades in the core subjects of English, Math, Chemistry and Physics. A high grade in a more advanced level of Math or English is given much greater weight and can negate a low freshman or sophomore year grade, especially when this is backed with high scores on the SAT which tests knowledge of Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry and English Reading and Writing Ability. With a 2320 SAT, way over the average for West Point, and admission to the SLS, I'd assume you are being very strongly considered for an LOA(letter of assurance.) These are awarded in a first round national competition, so the second round competition within your nominating sources becomes irrelevant. Even if you do not receive a MOC nomination, it won't matter because as long as you are found to be physically and medically qualified, the Academy will give you a secretary of the army nomination. If you do receive an LOA, the academy liaison office has already notified your MOC(members of congress) of your LOA. The MOC list of nominations is not due to the academy till late January and LOA's are made in the Fall. The MOC knows which candidates have LOA's before he makes his decision. LOA appointments are not charged off to the MOC as one of the five nominated cadets he can have at West Point at any point in time, so he usually does not mind giving a nomination to an LOA candidate.

    Read this answer for a clearer explanation:;_ylt=AodQM...

    Be sure to start practicing the CFA before the Summer Seminar. The CFA is ultimately scored pass/fail for purposes of determining physical qualification but you should knock off a top score as this could be a factor that determines if you receive an LOA. I imagine it might be looked at as telling of your mindset and whether it has truly changed; something you knew you should have prepared for and either did or did not, especially given your apparent athletic ability and your GPA history. In addition, your element leader will write an evaluation that will be placed in your candidate admission file. So, have fun but also take the summer seminar seriously and don't do anything to make the Cadet think less of you. Make sure you are impeccably groomed and nicely and appropriately dressed when you show up for the seminar because I think the Cadet's evaluation will be given much greater weight than in most instances. Apply for the Army ROTC scholarship now. The point is that you want to serve as an officer whether or not you are appointed to West Point.

    Good Luck!

    [Note: The 75th percentile of USMA's entering class as reported on Collegesearch had a combined SAT Critical Reading and Math Score of 670+680=1350. 2/3 of 2320 is 1547, 197 points above the 75th percentile score at USMA. This has to be in the top 1 or 2% of SAT scores of accepted appointments to USMA.]

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    Sorry man, you should have thought about that the first two years of high school. Your chances now of getting into the academy, zero. Your chances of getting into the prep school, highly unlikely, but possible. However, you will never know until you try. Most congressmen will not even give their reccommndation unless the students GPA is above 3.5. Your best route is ROTC, but don't give up on West Point, just stating everything honestly. Recommendations don't mean jack unless they are from a congressman, President, or Medal of Honor recipiant. Without that, you can't even apply.

    Ross - You have no idea what you are talking about. a 2320 GPA? Are you an idiot?

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    Also plan to move Ranger. Contact your two Senators and House Representative now. Each has a panel with a view to set an appointment for an interview. You do not have got to in my opinion recognize the congressman. They in flip will consult with the congressman and investigate in the event you get an appointment. Their workplace will generally have the entire information to use. (School counselors have a tendency to give way in this project.) Good Luck. Hoowah!

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    The SLS doesn't guaruntee you an appointment. Your SAT is good, but without your GPA and extra curriculars, I can't help you

    GPA might be the only thing that gets you

    try to become a leader in football

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    You need a recommendation to get into West Point. Talk to your congressman.

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    good luck and keep working hard , you will get it

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