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What are the immediate and nfl futures of these College Qbs?

Colt McCoy

Sam Bradford

Tim Tebow

Who wins Heisman and national title next year in college

How good will each guy be at qb (poor, average, good, or hall of famer).

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    tebow will have the best shot at heisman again.

    the sec is down after bama, lsu and florida the rest of the sec is reloading Utenn, auburn new coaches, lsu no qb, uga new qb new rb, the rest of the sec their usual non factor. look for florida to take advantage and without percy harvin to steal the goasl line touches tebow will rack up the easy goal line tds again like he did in 2007. look for another overrated 20/20 year

    mcCoy should have a better season than bradford.

    bradford benefitted greatly from playing every "big" game at home in norman. look over the last 3-4 years ou is avg over 20 pts more at home than on the road and all their big upsets were on the road vs colorado and vs texas a&m

    McCoy- best nfl qb of the 3

    bradford- good back-up maybe a starter on a ball control team

    Tebow- hall of fame TE or FB

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    Listen Im a Fsu fan but not an idiot tebow wins the title again as long as he keeps the rest of the team focused they lost no one their offense is still loaded with recieving talent 3 running backs coming back and a defense that grew up before our eyes against oklahoma.

    As for the heisman im not so sure it will be a QB but i think it will be a gator. a guy by the name of Percy Harvin wins it.If I have to pick out of the three Colt Mcoy just because the other two already have one.Tim Tebow will be out to prove he can QB in the NFL and he has proven himself at everything else yes they hipe him up way to much saying he the best college QB ever or super man (a crock of %$#$) but he has the heart of a champion and will be one of the first great Gator QB"s to do an average job in the NFL and will have the most durability of the three.Colt McCoy will do the least as maybe a good backup just a hunch.Sam takes my vote for hall of famer if he stays healthy but i think he blows out of the gate like Matt Ryan 2008 rookie of the year!

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    I think that Colt McCoy will win the Heisman and vs Tim Tebow at the national title next year in college. Sam Bradford will come close to winning the Heisman, but won't win it again. Also I think that all of these QBs will be Hall of Famers one day in the NFL. They all most likely will be in the Heisman vote again, because they all play for really good teams. Bradford will most likely be drafted in the first round if he declared for the draft in 2010, as a quaterback Tim Tebow won't be a first rounder, but a 2nd rounder and Colt McCoy will be a late first rounder at least.

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    Tim Tebow will be starting in CFL by the age of 25

    Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are Hall of Famer's

    CJ Spiller wins the Heisman and USC wins the Nation Title

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    Tebow is going to have the best year .. maybe not statistically but he will have the most success .. i believe he will win the Heisman and has the best chance to win another National Championship

    NFL future..

    Colt McCoy- i see him as a very good NFL QB .. he's smart and talented

    Sam Bradford- physically talented but i don't see him being more then an eventual backup QB

    Tim Tebow- excellent leadership, the essence of a team player.. i believe he will make an excellent NFL QB and surprise a lot of people

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    Colt McCoy is going to be good he has accuracy while he has accuracy the next Vince Young here.... He doesn't win the Heisman he comes up 3rd. He is going to be a hall of famer....

    Sam Bradford is going to be the best quarterback in this pack he is a fast learner and is super poise, he is gonna be like a Matt Ryan makes smart plays and does everything good. Heisman winner i say 5500 yards this year trust me he is gonna do it. HALL OF FAMER for sure.

    Tim Tebow is going to be a beast in Tight End the clean Matt Jones. Doesn't have the accuracy for the pros. unless he can do that he isn't going to be good. Another second place in Heisman voting. Poor at QB I guess since i don't see him playing that position.

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    Colt McCoy - 5th or 6th round draft pick. Starts a game or two in his career but that's about it.

    Sam Bradford - 1st round draft pick who goes to a terrible team with a bad o-line and is eventually unsuccessful. Bradford really does not handle pressure well, probably because his o-line has been so dominant in college.

    Tim Tebow - 6th or 7th round draft pick. Takes a few snaps at QB during preseason but never becomes a legit NFL quarterback.

    None of these guys will win the Heisman Trophy next season.

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    Tim tebow-he better learn how to pass really accueratly.

    if the guy cant find no one he scrambles out the pocket and runs people over...but you cant do that in the NFL, you have Dlinemen/Linebackers who eat scrambling Qb's for breakfast.

    Mccoy-hes not a bad guy at all, hes calm and accuerate, but he needs wr's to excel.

    Sam bradford-good in the pocket, i think despite his team lost in the BCS championship, hes a better qb than tebow.

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