Do you think it's "very likely" that Chicago will host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games? 10 points?

Please explain why or why not -- is it due to enough planning and financial backing? I understand that Pres. Obama will even meet with the IOC officials to endorse the Chicago plans and proposal versus Tokyo, Rio Janiero, Madrid . . . 10 points for best analysis that is straightforward and plain whether in favor or against !

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    It could be, but it is kind of hard for me to say for sure. But they aren't even going to announce the winning city, until the 121st IIC Session, that will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 2 October, 2009. So depending on how representatives for all the cities do, it could be a very hard choice. But the bad news for us, we have to wait all spring, all summer, and to the beginning of fall, to find out will get the winning bid to host the 2016 summer olympics. So that means we have to wait through, almost all the festivals that are planned for this year, which includes Taste of Chicago. And even if we don't get the Summer Olympics, it will be a learning expeirence for Chicago. And plus the IOC officals, will have to figure out, if they went to get iit to, a city on the same coast, 8 years, after the 2008 summer olympics in China.

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    I think Chicago has a very good chance and I hope it wins.


    Financial - even in this economy the US is still the richest country on earth. An Olympic games held in the US will have funding. Even if it is a bit harder to get then in the past.

    Beijing had the 2008 games and London will have the 2012 games making the chances of another Asian (Tokyo) or European (Madrid) city getting the games slim.

    Chicago has been on the world radar allot lately. AIBA World Boxing Championships of 2007. Hell even one of the highest grossing movies(The Dark Night) of all time was filmed in Chicago. Bottom line, the city has had a great few years entertainment wise.

    The President of the USA is from Chicago and has so far shown a strong commitment to both the games and to bettering US relations with the world.

    Chicago is no stranger to large events. Taste of Chicago is attended by over 3 million people every year. The White Sox World Series parade show we can get together for large celebrations without much trouble. Chicago knows how to handle large crowds.


    No South American country has ever held an Olympic Games making Rio the strongest competition in my opinion.

    Corruption. Chicago is no stranger to political corruption. Now it can be looked at in two ways. One Chicago is just full of corruption above most other cities. Or the media and people of Chicago are better at shedding a light on corruption and have an above average ability to catch corrupt officials.

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    Yes I think that Chicago will be the host city of the Summer Olympics. Obama seems to have special business interests in Chicago that would be politically correct for him to throw his weight in that dirction. It is still the honemoon for the Obama campaign and I think he will see it as his best interest to bring this extra revenue Chicago's way.

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    I heard Obama is too busy, it being his first year in office, and will send a tape of himself doing a presentation to the committee instead.

    I think it's going to happen. Chicago has the existing infrastructure needed, and we've never hosted the games before.

    That is, if my fellow Chicagoans can stop acting like a bunch of rubes with all the protesting!!

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    Yep. because Obama is president and he came from Chicago so he made us so much more popular.


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    i think it would pretty nice to see it come to town. personally id enjoy having it here. now i dont have a clue as to the whole financial situation or anything like that. i just dont like the other cities that want to have it also.

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    I will keep it short. Yes, I believe we will get it because we got Obama!

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