Do you think that Barack Obama can fix the economy crisis in U.S?

Economy is not good here.

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    1 decade ago
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    Let us all hold our representatives and senators, on both sides of the isle, responsible for their parts in the economic meltdown. The politicians below have been exposed for their unbridled greed, ignoring their fiduciary responsibilities, lying to and deceiving the American people.

    (R) Chris Cox; Chair--Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

    (R) Henry Paulson; Secretary of the Treasury

    (D) Barney Frank; Chair--House Finance Committee

    (D) Chris Dodd; Chair--Senate Banking Committee

    (D) Chuck Schumer; Heads Joint Economic Committee

    (D) Richard Syron; CEO--Freddie Mac.

    (D) Frank Raines; CEO--Fanny Mae

    (D) Charlie Rangel; Chair--Ways and Means Committee (W&MC)

    (D) Pete Stark; Chair--W&MC subcommittee on Health

    (D) Sandra Levin; Chair--W&MC subcommittee on Oversight

    (D) Michael McNulty; Chair--W&MC subcommittee on Social Security

    (D) Jim McDermott; Chair--W&MC subcommittee on Income Security and Support

    (D) Richard Neal; Chair--W&MC subcommittee on Selected Revenue Measures

    (D) Gregory Meeks- Representative, New York

    (D) Maxine Water – Representative, California

    (D) Arthur Davis- Representative, Alabama

    (D) Lacy Clay- Representative, Missouri

    (D) Nancy Pelosi- Speaker, California

    CEO of our American Banks

    Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase

    Ken Chenault, American Express

    John Koskinen, Freddie Mac

    Ronald Logue, State Street

    Robert Kelly, BONY-Mellon

    Rick Waddell, Northern Trust

    James Rohr, PNC

    Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman

    John Mack, Morgan Stanley

    Vikram Pandit, Citi

    John Stumpf, Wells Fargo

    Cam Fine, Independent Community Bankers

    Edward Yingling, ABA

    Richard Davis, US Bank

    Ken Lewis, Bank of America

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    Nobody alone in higher up positions could fix the economy. We need to make sure that the right choices are made and that things won't become much worse. The economy will play out like it always does. It will get better probably after somebody invents something like the television in the 40's that pulled us out of the depression and then the microwave oven, cell phone and home (desktop) based operating system of the 80's that pulled us out of the energy crisis of the 70's. The economy will do what it does, with or without government leadership. All we need is someone who sees clearly enough to avoid making any really bad decisions. Barack Obama seems to be intelligent enough to pull us through the bad times for as least the next 4 years, but we will likely need compitent leadership in the government to avoid anymore mistakes for longer than 4 years.

    Source(s): Historical sense
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    If he gets a total overhaul, then maybe.

    I seriously doubt any politician could clear this mess within 4 years. All solutions currently out on the House floor are just throwing money at the problem...which would stave the recession off temporarily.

    They don't seem to realize that our infrastructure is shot to hell. The root of our economic glory was our industry. One of our last remaining, the auto industry, is dangling by its fingernails. In less than a century, we've gone from being totally self-sufficient to importing freaking tomatoes. Praise any candidate who has enough balls to snub foreign lobbyists, slash NAFTA, and find some way to bring our factories back where they belong. And of course, that would only really be effective if one of two things happened: 1) Americans realize the importance of buying domestic or 2) Congress imposes tariffs on foreign goods, like Japan does on all of our products. (But since the American public is so godawful retarded sometimes, I think it'll have to be the latter)

    But to reiterate your question, no. This present upswing is only temporary. America, I'm afraid, is on her way down the death spiral.

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    Only by voluntarily stepping down from office and encouraging Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan to step forward to replace him and Biden.

    Obama hasn't done ONE THING right since taking office. Fix the economy crisis in the U.S.? You mean the one caused by the DEMOCRATIC Legislature that the Jackasses keep wanting to blame on Bush?

    NEVER before has this nation had a "President" who was NOT a man for ALL people. Be very clear on this: Obama is ONLY a man of HIS people.

    Source(s): The Einstein theorist is correct, but may I add that while we hold people at the TOP accountable, we must hold the people at the BOTTOM equally accountable. You know, those people on the welfare dole for generations, perfectly capable but equally unwilling to get up off their rumps and get jobs!! Were we to infuse those funds and the funds wasted on welfare fraud perpetrated by the double dippers (see: Obama voters) back into the economy, we'd be taking a step in the right direction.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I stopped posting on here cause nothing matters anymore...

    But this time i cant resist...

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Really, please someone explain to me how this spending can ever be paid back...How the dollar wont tank?

    So what? The economy temporarily gets better for a couple/few years and then were all through?

    What sense does this make?

    We would at least have had a chance in the future if we let the banks fold and went through another depression....

    Its amazing, just amazing....Great job Obamanites.....!

    How stupid were you..?.You really think we can pull out of this?

    Start learning Chinese !

    Hell, i thought ive seen stupid voters before, but you guys take the cake !!!

    Duuuuh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No experience, but he and wacko Nancy Pelosi are going to fix everything...If it wasent so sad, id giggle !

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    1 decade ago

    No. I don't believe President Obama has the ability (or experience) to get the economy to recover. He just threw out a 700 billion dollar economy stimulus package that did absolutely nothing. (As if we weren't in debt enough already). I believe he was elected president for 3 reasons. 1. So our troops could come home 2. Because he is black 3. because he supports gay rights. I don't have anything against those three things, but I'm starting to believe that our elections are becoming a popularity contest instead of presidential elections.

    Source(s): The Constitution
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think Barack Obama could fix a ham sandwich.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you think a monkey can be trained to walk upright like a human?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sure,and I'm the Emperor Napoleon.

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    1 decade ago

    Its possible to make the economy better, but it will take years to fix this mess.

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