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Sweet 16 luau party. need help?

i'm having a sweet 16 luau party in my backyard with about 20 people. very hawaiian theme. i need party ideas! fast! please help.

this will take place early august in nj. whereas the sun goes down around 8 o'clock. the party starts at 4 and ends at 11. we're doing the limbo, hoola hoop contests and we have fruit kabobs and i'm making chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and pretzels for the party. my invitation is a cutout surfboard with the info on it. need help with ideas about food and activities to do along with decoration ideas and MUSIC IDEAS! THE LATEST TECHNO, PARTY MUSIC ALL NEEDED. there will be a pool available. thank you!

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    TRy to look on EBAY for LUAU themed events... also, you could look at oriental trading company online too... You should have someone make luau type of food. But cheap plastic flower leis. And even you could go as far as to ordering REAL orchid flower heads and putting them all over the tables, etc. You can get them for pretty cheap, its the shipping that will cost you! You should REQUIRE everyone to wear aloha-attire, or swimsuits and "grass" skirts. Look for entertainment in the form of Hula Dancers... Put out an add, looking for people. Im not thinking a lot of people will reply, since you're in NJ. But, all u need is 1 to 2 people to dance hula for everyone! Really festive! Also, you should make FAKE tropical (virgin) drinks. Like Mai-Tai's and Blue Hawaiian's and other drinks. Get lots of Pineapples. And coconut milk. Make Pina-Colada's too! Go on ebay and look up HAWAIIAN music, or LUAU music. There isnt a lot of real Techno type of luau music... Get pics of vintage luau area, or even buy calendars of Hawaii and post the pics all over the back yard. Get lots of those tacky blow up raft things to put in the pool. Make a FAKE volcano even! Buy fish, cause thats what we serve at luaus! Have fun, let me know if u need any other help!

    UPDATE: to the moron below me critisizing my party ideas.... obviously you cannot read! I said VIRGIN drinks #1, and #2, I LIVE on Kauai, where I book luau's EVERY SINGLE DAY for a living! IE: Calendar idea, to cut out the pictures of Hawaiian Flowers, etc. And put them around to make the environment look that way! You've obviously NEVER been to a REAL luau, becuase if you have, than you would know they have those all over!

    Also, what the hell is a mai tai cup? Come on... Use plastic cups... It saves money and works just as well. And in case you have missed the boat which obviously you have, A pina colada can be made virgin style, without rum. They are very tasty treats. I plan parties at least once a month for either my close friends or for clients and have a mile long list of Happy customers. Maybe you should READ what people say before you go insulting it... You've probablly never even been to Hawaii before... meanwhile, Ive lived her my whole life!

    Source(s): Hawaii Resident and EXPERT VIP party planner!
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    For an "expert VIP party planner" the first poster didn't really sell her idea to me. Posting pictures from Hawaii calendars all over the backyard? Come on, that's lame. (And Mai Tai's for a Sweet 16?) Get real. (You can have the glasses that the Mai Tai's are put in, but not the actual drink). FYI: a pina colada has rum in it. I suggest you stick with the non-alcoholic beverages.

    Not sure how you're gonna get Hawaiian/luau food, but here's a list

    -Macaroni salad

    -Chicken katsu

    -Chhicken long rice

    -White (sticky) rice



    -Kalua pig

    -Pork adobo

    -Kim Chee

    -Lau Lau

    For clothing, you can have everybody wear Aloha attire, whether it be a shirt or dress. The girls can wear a flower in their hair. Just one. Greet your guests with shell leis.

    You can have everybody (or the girls) make leis. Fresh flower leis are the best.

    Have a lucky number contest! That's always fun. The prizes don't have to be Hawaiian.

    Source(s): Oahu resident who enjoys her parties (luaus)
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    There are people who do Luau's for you. Here in the Seattle area the Tuiososopos do (or did anyway). Can be quite expensive. I'm guessing you don't have the money and knowledge to BBQ a whole pig? I've linked to a recipe for Hawaiian pork chops. You will need:

    Tiki Torches



    Grass skirts (type "grass hula skirt" on ebay)

    Coconut shell bras (type "coconut bra" on ebay)

    Leis (type "hawaiian leis" on ebay)

    Poi is probably hard to get. Make mashed potatoes, add red, green and blue food coloring until it's purplish brown. Eat it with your fingers.

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    Well. I'll give you some local songs that you can look up.

    I'm not sure if you would like it though.

    - Sweet Cherry Bomb by Nuff Sedd

    - Drop Baby Drop by The Manao Company

    - Kaulana Na Pua - Na Waihooluu o ke (Na Wai)

    - Why You - Na Wai Featuring Fiji

    - Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'ole - Ulili E

    - Keali'i Reichel - E O Mai- 'Auhea Wale Ana 'Oe

    - Rebel Souljahz - Darling Angel

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