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opinions on the book Jane Eyre?did u like it?

i love that book it's my all time fav book! and i love Rochester =) it's just such a great love story!! my fav movie adaption is the 2006 mini series with Toby Stephens(i think he looked so gorgeous) what do u think of the book and the movies?what are ur fav quotes, scenes..?

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    It is my favorite book 12 years now. But I can not say that I have found an adaptation worthy of it. The 2006 had a great Jane in Ruth but Toby (although handsome) made a less complicated,impulsive and strong Rochester than the book's. And I really hated the separation scene there. They ruined the ethical dilemma of the book (Rochester was not a liar promising not to touch her and he never proposed that brother and sister lie). Great music and cinematography though.

    I can not select any quotes right now. I much like the whole book :)

    Or perhaps I can quote what Toby with his more gentle view of his character could not ever portrait:

    "Never," said he, as he ground his teeth, "never was anything at once so frail and so indomitable. A mere reed she feels in my hand!" (And he shook me with the force of his hold.) "I could bend her with my finger and thumb: and what good would it do if I bent, if I uptore, if I crushed her? Consider that eye: consider the resolute, wild, free thing looking out of it, defying me, with more than courage--with a stern triumph. Whatever I do with its cage, I cannot get at it--the savage, beautiful creature!"

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    its the first book i remember reading, i can almost repeat the first chapter by heart, i was about 9 the first time i read it and am now 60 and still read and enjoy it. probably my favourite movie adaptation was the first black and white one made, but that is probably because it corresponded more to the original story than the latter ones.

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    I loved it was wonderful

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