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EU & Canadian citizenship?

I want to know how to get a Canadian citizenship or EU citizenship plus keep my American passport. If I get a citizenship of Canada or EU will I get free health care in these countries. I can't afford health care back here. I read lots on this people seeking dual citizenship just for this reason free health care etc. I know we here called these countries socialist and communist countries etc. But gladly go there to be able to get free health care etc.

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    There is no such thing as EU citizenship, individual countries issue their passports, they just happen to have European Union written on the front of them.

    If you have a parent (in some cases a grandparent) who was a citizen of an EU member state, you may be eligible for citizenship/passport of that country. If you don't have a parent who was a citizen of an EU member state then the only route to eventually gaining citizenship is to get a visa then live & work, legally, for several years in that country before you become eligible for citizenship by naturalisation.

    You don't get free health care if you have dual citizenship, you must be resident in the country in order to qualify - depending on the country this can vary from 6 months to a year. 'Free' health care is funded by the tax payers of the country & in some countries it's only free if you are unemployed, ineligible to work because you are an asylum seeker or refugee. In the UK, if you are working, prescriptions are subsidised but something must be paid towards them by that patient and for some treatments there are long waiting lists - increasing number of British citizens are now turning to private health care.

    If you arrived in the UK & required urgent/emergency treatment you wouldn't be denied medical treatment but some form of payment would have be arranged at a later stage.

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    There is no such thing as free healthcare. People pay for it.

    There is no such thing as EU citizenship either.

    Also, nobody needs or wants immigrant freeloaders that just come for the benefits paid for by the native citizens of the country.

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    to get free health care in canada you must live and pay taxes in canada,if you are not living in canada health care is cancelled citizen or not

    and you need to be skilled to immigrate to canada

    Sponge off your own country, its not canada's fault that the US health care sucks

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    you dont get ecu citizenship - you get French citizenship which permits you to to be stay and paintings interior the ecu contact the french embassy and ask for information - make certain that France does not have residency criteria like the united states does.

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