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feminists, do you get attracted to effeminate type men?

the submissive type guys who take gender studies in college.

i mean you love to glorify them...but do you desire sex with them also

whats the gaurantee that youre secretly not desiring dirty sex with a manly firefighter who absolutely doesnt give a sh*t about what feminism is, on a rooftop who ab

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    contrary to what edith clark thinks, people can be masculine or feminine... science has proved that

    most feminists love effeminate men because feminists tend to be very masculine... thats why they support feminism

  • 4 years ago

    Generally, I do not think so. Feminist women want strong men and not the opposite. If we go to the specifics, if the majority like effeminate men then maybe we could use it as a basis for an agreement. But I do not have statistics now. Maybe the posters do not represent the majority.

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    I don't' mean this as a cop-out, but you are attracted to the one you love.

    When I was a young woman, I was attracted to the tall slim, smooth faced/ bodied, fair haired male- so- I guess, that could be described as effeminate. My thoughts concerning all the masculine physical signals as "ewwwwww!" Hairy, sweaty, more muscles then brains- forget it. I want someone who isn't kissing his biceps and murmuring sweet nothings to his deltoids.

    BUT, I met my husband. I actually wrote letters to him for 2 months before we dated.

    He was short(shorer then me) stocky, dark, hairy- with a good amount of upper body strength. He was completely opposite from what I was attracted to.

    We dated, we were separated by the army (We were both in training together- in the same army training school- and he left to go to Germany. )

    At that point forward, I never gave the effeminate type a second look- or any OTHER type a second look. EVERY male- on the TV, in public, that I thought might be attractive was the same body type as my husband- same skin tone, hair color, roughly the same height.

    I was watching a national geographic some years later- and they were saying that when you "Bond" with a mate- that mate becomes your ideal- so that after you are attached- they are the BEST one for you.

    Makes sense.

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    No, I'm not attracted to that type of person, I like men

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    I like qualities in my partners that are considered human, not feminine or masculine-I don't even know what you mean by an effeminate man, as you're implying it sucks to be feminine. Thanks. I'm not into the dom-submissive stuff, either, I like assertive men and women. But just how would you know if men or women were into that stuff in a gender studies class? Sounds like you're making a bunch of generalizations, unless everyone discussed their personal views and personal practices on BDSM in class? I know some nice men and women who are fire fighters, but it doesn't mean I want to jump them (they're not all gorgeous, hate to break it to you). I value a bit more than just looks or what someone does-I like intelligence, maturity, and fun, as well as sensuality.

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    1 decade ago

    No!...I like a strong masculine man who is man enough to handle a modern, assertive, non-submissive, woman. A man, who who has enough confidence in himself to hang with a confident independent feminist woman like myself.....

    and if he feels threatened by women like us, than it's a sign he has, too little self esteem, for me to want to even bother with him!

    There is a big difference between confidence and dominance!...lot's of men don't know the difference.

    Source(s): Experience! Wishy washy, insecure men are a turn off, so are pushy arrogant, dominering abusive men, for me.
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    I'm attracted to a lot of different things. Girly boys are definitely one of them. My love is VERY feminine. I wouldn't say he's submissive though; we're equal in our relationship. I wouldn't want it any other way.

    Doesn't mean I dislike manlier men. Or feminine women. Or tomboyish women. All types are attractive in their own way.

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    No. I wouldn't mind a fire fighter who didn't give a crap about feminism, as long as he didn't feel threatened by a woman accomplishing something, and didn't need for women to weak, submissive little bubble heads in order to feel macho.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, but this has little to do with my feminism, I think, and far more with my love of gender bending, role reversal, androgyny, etc., etc..

    GIve me a fella like Russell Brand any day- a beta male gets me going far more than a big macho dude.

    EDIT: Nickname- Russell Brand has called himself a 'beta male' before, and often references the fact that he is not one of those, as he calls them, "c*ck men".

    We can argue all day about what he is, but I assure you, I like effeminate men, for example- the Kitten Braden character in "Breakfast In Pluto". You don't get any more femme than that!

  • Elle M
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    1 decade ago

    Sorry I don't share your taste in mates I prefer masculine types.

    Lots of guys in my GS at the U were far from submissive. They were bright, strong and articulate. Not to mention chick magnets.

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