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If a gas fire gives off a green flame, is that a bad thing?

I've had a gas fire for quite a while now, but it was experiencing some problems about 6 months ago with it failing to turn on. That was fixed about a week later, but since then it was giving off green flames. Yesterday a friend told me this was a bad thing but she didn't know why, just a rumor she had heard. Is it true?

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    There could be a small amount of copper oxide in the fuel...or perhaps a bit of boric acid.


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  • Anonymous
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    Each element give off a particular color when heated in a flame. (Some are colorless). Copper gives off a green flame but to do that there must be some copper compound IN the flame. (there are many other elements that also could be causing a green flame). Perhaps there was copper corrosion in the pipes and this was knocked loose during the repair? Perhaps the plumber used a cleaner (flux) that is causing corrosion of the pipes leading to this color.

    I would certainly NOT want to be inhaling the fumes! Is your "gas fire" in a well ventilated fireplace? You don't indicate what you mean by a "gas fire". Don't breathe it. LOL.

    Chances are, there is just a teenie tiny bit of this in the pipes so it shouldn't hurt the pipes and should go away with continued use. There is a chance that there is an environmental source other than the gas - something in the air. This would be a more serious reason to be concerned. (Since you're breathing it regardless of whether the gas fire is ventillated or not.) I just can't think of any obvious dangerous gas that you would likely be exposed to. Is there a lot of dust in your room?...

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  • 3 years ago

    Green Flames In Gas Fire

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  • 1 decade ago

    Depends. If your gas feed comes from a copper pipe it means its corroding and you are about to develop a leak somewhere.

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