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I know its a little soon to really be thinking about this but, what age do you plan to let your child date?

The reason I'm asking is my husband and I were just talking about this...He asked me " When Kenz gets older, what age do you think we will let her date" and it really got me thinking...He said, what about if the guys parents pick her up and take her considering they cant drive yet...So, We agreed that when she is 15 she can go on a date if we take her, or the the guys parents take her- And, when she drives she can go by herself with the guy at 16 but she will have a curfew...Anyways, just curious!

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    When he is able to handle the situation. Meaning, pay for it, introduce her to us, be responsible with curfew and as long as his school work and any other activities he is enjoying doesn't suffer.

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  • It's funny that u bring this question up. I have talked with my boyfriend about when our son can go on dates alone and he told me around 17 years old. But he told me he would be more strict if he has a girl she wont be dating until 18 he is just being over protective in his ways LOL.

    So 16 or 17 it will be.

  • I'd say about 13 or 14 for something like the movies or whatnot. I have no idea when I'm going to start letting her go to parties with a boy though. I'd prefer never, but I know that's not gonna happen lol

    And she'll have a curfew as well.

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    82....Just kidding.

    It depend on my child and her maturity level. But I would say 15 for a supervised date (movie or something) and maybe about 16 for a real date, but with a very st rick curfew and she must check in after movie and come straight home.

    I do plan on talking with my child about birth control, STD and pregnancy openly. My mother did with me and I felt like it really helped me understand as a teenage the consequences of sex.

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    I live in a small town where 90% of the people are at least first cousins. Dating doesn't really start until high school, since that's in the next town over with "fresh blood".

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    I will allow our son to start group dating when he's 15. But he won't be allowed to car date until 16. Same for girls if we have anymore children.

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    We will let our son date at 16 only if he can display the maturity that is necessary and respect for women to do so.

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    LOL i love this question :)

    My daughter is 5, and in kindergarten. She asked me when was she allowed to have a boyfriend, my instant response... COLLEGE :)

    The funniest part of this is, her teacher is young, early 20's and my daughter saw a picture of her boyfriend on her desk. She looked at her teacher and said "miss ********** you are not allowed to have a boyfriend til college" it was the cutest thing.

    With how sex crazed kids are now, imagine how bad it will be in 10 years.... Hopefully if i continue to instill this in her she will worry more about school then boys. :)

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    With mine it was 14 for group dates and 16 for alone dating.

    My almost 12y/o grand daughter says all the kids in her class are dating. So I don't know if the rules have changed or I am just way too old!

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