when your in love...?

how do you feel when your in love?

when do you know when your in love?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When you fall asleep and wake up thinking of the same person.

    When you think about them during the day, sometimes ALL day. :)

    When you always want to talk to them, to see them.

    When you WANT to say 'i love you'.

    When you smile because you're thinking about being with them.

    When you replay your moments together, over and over again.

    When they love you the same way.

    When you can be completely comfortable with them.

    When they're completely comfortable with you.

    When you know they're flaws and accept them.

    When they make your day, everyday.

    When you love just being with them, no matter the level of 'physical stuff' occurring, or not occurring.

    When you can lie there and fall asleep because you trust them.

    - The list goes on but I don't think I need to type it all out.-

    When you're in love everything feels good, and at the same time everything could feel horrible depending on how your relationship with the other person is.

  • 1 decade ago

    it is almost like an obsession at first: you cant get the person out of your mind and you cant wait to be with them. You are eager/nervous/anxious to be with them and everything you do isn't enough for them. You feel happier when you see them and/or you feel happier in everyday life. Sometimes you get random bouts of energy and want to be a little more outgoing. I love love, it is the most amazing thing ever <3

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