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Any info about the McDonalds in the Gulf of Mexico?

I remember going there when I was a kid with my uncle but I think a hurricane took it out. I was trying to find information about it to show my boyfriend. Any websites or pictures would be great.

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    Mc Donald's in Mexico are not as common (obviously) as in the US. I'm sure you could find many examples of hurricane trashed McDonald's from places like New Orleans, Biloxi, Galveston, etc.

    I know there is a McDonalds on the Malecon, in Campeche City. But they don't see a lot of hurricanes there. A much weakened hurricane Dean went through there in 2007 but I don't think it did much damage and certainly the McDonalds was open again when I went there in November of 2007. There's likely a McD's in Veracruz & Tuxpan too. And while Tuxpan is near the coast it's actually not on it. So you could look there. After that, maybe Cancun or Playa del Carmen, not on the gulf of Mexico but they would both have McD's that may have seen huricane damage in the past.

    Anyway - I can't think of one that's in Mexico. And again, the lists of McDonalds in Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico has got to be very small, especially compared to the number that would be on the gulf coast in the US.

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    Don't know about McDonalds but I know when I was at Grand Cayman Island Oct. 8, 2008, a Burger King Whopper cost $12 USD. We were told by locals down there that BK is one of the most expensive fast food places in the world because frequent hurricanes wipe them off the island and BK is the first to rebuild and increase their prices to make up for the loss.

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    The Gulf of Mexico is huge! its the ninth largest body water in the world, the beach that goes around it is big too, it goes from Mexico to the US, where exactly are you talking about?

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    your right when you say it was blown away by the hurricane it landed in austin texas and is doing ok

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    hold it ,you are going to show your guy some photo`s of a mc donalds.think about it , he will want to run . show him some pics that will blow him away.

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