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Science fair topic: Natural Bridges vs Man-made bridges? *urgent!*?

please help!

my brother got stuck with a topic of "natural bridges vs man made bridges" and he has to do a science fair project on this.

it may just be me, but doesn't a science fair project have to include

a question and data, and an actual experiment??

what is he supposed to do for this?

we were thinking of doing something like the differences in formation of the two types, but how would we get data and results for this type of thing??

please help! all answers are appreciated!

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    Here's a link to some science fair projects that use man-made bridges, or civil engineering. This is a great resource for a science fair as it does provide you with how to collect and document data for your experiment.

    Looks like most natural bridges seem to be in an arch structure, so you could have a bunch of documented sites (photos) and explain the strengths/weaknesses of that particular structure and how they are formed in nature. Here's pictures and actual sites:

    For your experiment I would focus on different structural types of bridges and just mention the natural bridge when you test the arch. In my opinion, natural vs. man made is not a good topic for an experiment.

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