Proper nutrition for chihuahuas?

I have 5 dogs all together mini poodle


3 chihuahuas

One of my chihuahuas is 5lbs and is a very healthy dog the other 2 arnt as big. Since they were little they've just been really tiny dogs one weighs 3lbs and he's the brindle one(his name is bruiser) the other weighs 3.5 and he's the black one with the star on his chest(his name is lola "STAR")so anyways Star has always been bigger than Bruiser they both eat a lot of kibble and I hate to admit it but they do snack on meats when were cooking or cheese. Anyways They eat a lot of the kibble and there bellies get big and hard and within 30 minutes to an hour after that they're skinny again and I don't mean just a little skinny I mean like you can see there ribs skinny. I don't like taking them to dog parks because I know people look at me "like why isn't that lady feeding her dogs" they eat twice a day about a cup each and they eat nutro lamb and rice for puppies are going to be two years old may 21st I've heard that the puppie food is more nutritious that's why they've stayed on it this whole time.I ask the vet and the vet just says feed them more but they won't eat it. They don't have and dental problems they're both fixed I just don't know what to do! I've also heard to feed them yogurt with their regular food and I've tried that but its just given them diarrhea.

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    A cup at one sitting is a lot for a chihuahua...I would try feeding them smaller amounts three times a day (or maybe even four). Also, you do not want them getting fat. If you can see rib outlines a waist that is okay, but ribs sticking out is bad.

    Also, IAMS and Eukanuba are terrible foods. Do not trust your vet on foods, they are paid by pet food companies to sponsor their products (and the canine nutrition classes in vet school use textbooks from the dog food companies).

    Best food are grain free (no wheat, soy, or corn) and by-product free. Look on any supermarket dog food: the first ingredient is usually chick by-products or meat by-products. If it says meat, that means it culd be anything from roadkill, euthanized pets, horses, downed cows not suitable for humans, etc. By products are, according to AAFCO (this is chicken): Chicken By-Product Meal - consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered chicken, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidable in good processing practice. Doesn't that sound yummy?

    Spend more money but get good results with these foods: Nature's Variety, Wellness, Holistic Select, Innova, EVO, Core, Orijens, etc. etc. The more meat (chicken, lamb, etc.) meal the better ("real meat" is 70% water, meaning the ingredients after it are really the first ingredients, whereas meat meal, again not just generic "meat" but chicken, lamb, fish, etc., is meat that has been ground and dried, making it more concentrated protein).

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    First off...they are adorable...I don't care what that first commenter mom has 6 chihuahuas, up until recently she fed them chicken, rice and vegetables......but they were gaining too much weight, one look slike a potbelly the vet recommended, Iams, or science diet...each dog has different nutritional needs, but as much as it hurts us to not give them table food, it is best for them...try keeping dry food down during the day...that's what we do, then every once in a while we reward them with a treat of wet dog food and rice and veggies...which are both okay to give them..good luck

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    There is less than a 3% difference in protein levels between the adult and puppy versions of Innova's food. Natura says that ALL of their foods, regardless of labeling, are appropriate for all life stages. Your adult Chihuahua is not going to need any extra protein after he's grown (recommended protein levels for adult dogs that don't work: 18%). I would avoid the puppy formulations after adulthood just because the puppy versions contain more fat. There's not much difference at all between the adult and puppy versions other than the levels of fat (about 2%), protein (less than 3%), and vitamin E (around 700 IU/kg more in the puppy formula). I, personally, would switch to the adult version because of the level of Vitamin E, along with the protein and fat drops...Puppies will use up Vitamin E at a much higher rate than adult dogs-Excessive amounts of Vitamin E COULD contribute to the body not being able to absorb other important vitamins.

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    My dogs eat Diamond Dog Food and they are all very healthy and one is a chihuahua. Good luck!

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    Your dogs look fine. Please don't try to fatten them up! Chihuahuas are small dogs, but they become overweight very easily. They will eat what they need. Just make sure you are feeding them a good quality dog food. It doesn't have to be the most expensive one, but you do get what you pay for! Nutro is good. Make sure the kibble is small and if they have one, choose a small breed formulation, since they are so small. And be consistent, don't change their food constantly trying to get them to eat more.

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    terrible pictures!

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