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why are almost none of the victims of flight 93 listed on the social security death index?

the online social security death index

is listed as the most extensive web related social security death index on the web, yet almost none of the victims of flight 93 that crashed in PA on September 11, 2001 are listed. The only ones I found that are listed are

John Talignani

Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg

Patricia Cushing

Try it yourself. Go to and type in names from this list

Jason Dahl

LeRoy Homer, Jr.

Lorraine Bay

Sandra Bradshaw

Cee Cee Lyles

Wanda Green

Deborah Anne

Jacobs Welsh

The Passengers

Christian Adams

Todd Beamer

Alan Beaven

Mark Bingham

Deora Bodley

Marion Britton

Thomas E. Burnett Jr.

Willam Cashman

Georgine Rose Corrigan

Patricia Cushing (listed, but issued in Maryland)

Joseph DeLuca

Patrick "Joe" Driscoll

Edward Porter Felt

Jane Folger

Colleen L. Fraser

Andrew Garcia

Jeremy Glick

Lauren Grandcolas

Donald F. Greene

Linda Gronlund

Richard Guadagno

Toshiya Kuge

Hilda Marcin

Waleska Martinez

Nicole Miller

Louis J. Nacke II

Donald and Jean Peterson

!!!Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg (listed on September 11)

Christine Snyder

!!! John Talignani (listed)

Honor Elizabeth Wainio

Kristin Gould White


I never said it was an official government SS website, I did say that they claim to be the largest. Try your own deceased family members to see how up to date they are (and keep in mine 2001 was eight years ago).

Update 2:

e.siller: because it was a missle and not a plane!

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    That's which is not an official government (.gov) website.

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    Why is the plane that hit the Pentagon very rarely ever mentioned?

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    An even better, more thoughtful and insightful question is "Why are any of them listed"?

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    Sounds like bad record keeping to me.

    Since all of them are dead.

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