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Why were the prayers for those receiving coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery unanswered?

"Perhaps the most definitive work is the mammoth STEP project (Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer), a collaboration of six medical centers, including Harvard and the Mayo Clinic, lead by Harvard professor Herbert Benson. This study, lasting for almost a decade, involved 1,802 patients who were prayed for over a fourteen-day period starting the night before receiving coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery.

"The patients were randomly and blindly divided into three groups: 604 received intercessory prayers after being informed they might or might not receive such prayers, 597 did not receive prayers after being informed they might or might not receive such prayers,and 601 received intercessory prayers after being informed they definitely would be prayed for. None of the doctors knew who was being prayed for in the first two groups. Two Catholic groups and one Protestant group carried out the praying. It apparently did not occur to the investigators to also include a group of atheists thinking nice thoughts.

"The published results showed that in the two groups uncertain about receiving intercessory prayer, complications occurred in 52 percent (315/604) of patients who received intercessory prayer versus 51 percent (304/597) of those who did not. Complications occurred in 59 percent (352/601) of patients certain of receiving intercessory prayer compared with the 52 percent of those uncertain of receiving intercessory prayer. Major events and thirty-day mortality were similar across the three groups." (GOD: The Failed Hypothesis)


Why is it that these prayers, from two Catholic groups and one Protestant group, went completely unanswered while many people claim that when they pray for "lesser" things, their god listens?


║Those who regard a freedom from false morals and obsolete

║practices regarding sex or religion are doing naught

║but corrupting their minds with foolishness.

║My morals come from compassion, and my compassion from

║understanding. And I seek to know, learn, and understand.



You're kidding, right?

They're praying for people's LIVES. I daresay ANYONE would be praying from the heart if they're praying for so many people to LIVE.

New Question: Why is it that under scientific testing, god always fails these said tests? And why is it, further, that people make "excuses" for his failure?

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    Wow, even I am stunned by the weak Christian responses to your question.

    The response from ts@greenpastures doesn't look biblical, which means he/she probably just *wishes* it were true, or heard it from someone who made it up.

    A 50/50 success rate is about what you'd expect for blind chance, or for praying to the Devil, or to Joe Pesci (what George Carlin said he did), Apollo, Thor, or Jesus.

    But on the bright side, it's better than the 0 % success rate of praying for amputees, albinos, dwarves, or Alzheimer's patients.

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    Prayers; truly and really fetch the grace of the lord and the god of self; for helping the self;

    but they do so only; if they are performed truthfully with the real knowledge, power and ability of; either participating or following or performing the righteous acts of devotion, meditation and worship; by self; religiously with the real faith, focus and religion of god and lord alone for mankind in self; instead of those of self alone for god and the lord of self.

    Any body can pray for any body; truthfully as said above; but for ensuring that the grace is delivered; the other for whom such prayer is being performed; also needs to be either a participant in acts of such prayers; or a follower of the practises of the acts of such prayer; earlier in the life of self.

    If the seeker of the grace is neither as said above; then the praying person should have the ability of intelligence of the skills and talent of that knowledge and power; which can deliver the virtues of the righteous acts of devotion, meditation and worship; to the seeker; for ensuring that such seeker also earns the grace of the god and the lord in his self.

    Such ability of intelligence of the skills and talent of such knowledge and power; are rearely found in very few people only;

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    Because God knows when you're just f**king with him. You think you can conduct an ingenuine scientific experiment with no real faith-based motives, and God will respond?

  • Probably because they were forced to pray a set prayer, rather than praying from their hearts. God can't be put in a box. I don't understand why people even attempt it.

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    what cricket said

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