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What do you think of this Fantasy Baseball Trade?

I have Matt Kemp and Mike Jacobs and someone wants to trade them for Pat Burrell and Jed Lowrie. Can you make any other suggestions for my team? I'm in a 12 team league.

Here's my team:

C - Brian McCann

1B - James Loney

2B - Howie Kendrick

3B - Kevin Youkilis

SS - Cristian Guzman

2B/SS - Jerry Hairston Jr.

1B/3B - Mike Jacobs

OF - Matt Kemp, Vladimir Guerrero, Randy Winn

DH - David Ortiz

Bench - Franklin Gutierrez, Ryan Garko, Ivan Rodriguez

SP - Cliff Lee, Ricky Nolasco, Jon Lester, Fausto Carmona, Oliver Perez, Justin Masterson

RP - Francisco Rodriguez, George Sherrill, Scot Shields, Dan Wheeler, Matt Lindstrom







Update 2:

My first round pick was Brian McCann because I didn't make it to the draft in time and I had him at the top of my pre-ranking list just so I wouldn't lose track of him. I'm happy with him but I would have picked Jose Reyes or Josh Hamilton and saved McCann for another round.

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    Don't do the trade.

    Your team is ok.

    Who was your first round pick?? I really don't see any one stud that you have. Vladimir Guerrero & David Ortiz are 2nd round guys this year, I thought.

    However, Kevin Youkilis may win the AL MVP this year.

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    Terrible trade. Kemp is a rising star and his stats will help carry your team. Your bench is weak. Jacobs is the only real hitter on that bench. Kemp, Youk, and McCann are the only stars you have on this team. And Burrell and Lowrie are weaker than who you have now. Don't make that trade!

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    you have a good team and about that trade don't do it lowrie might not be the starting shortstop for the red sox and ven though burrell is a slugger I don't think he will do good in Tampa and everyone is saying Kemp is going big this year and personally think jacobs going to do good this year. Also is it possible to get rid of Jerry Hairston Jr. for somebody better and please answer my question it is right below yours

    HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have 2 RP's that will not earn many saves, Shields and Wheeler. Not sure what you have both or even 1.

    I think the trade is a wash personally.

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  • reny d
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    i would keep kemp if i was you. he is just now getting into his prime. he may hit 25 hr and 25 sb. you have a good team, your biggest weak spot 2nd base. kendrick is ok but if u can trade or add a better 2nd basemen that would be great 4 u. good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Keep Kemp.

    Can you edit your question and tell us what categories you use in your league .. that will help with answers.

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