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Techniques on positioning car on road? Lane markings?

Hey guys I've just started to learn driving. For your information, steering in my country is on the right hand side.

Ok, i wanted to ask if for instance i want to keep at least 0.5m away from the far left kerb, how should i gauge the position of the car?

From my view inside the car, it seems like the vehicle is already outside the left most kerb/lane marking, so it's quite hard for me :(

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    Just takes practice and learning where your car extends, where the fenders are, where the wheels are. I was able to take my low slung Ford Pinto up a jeep trail 'cause I knew exactly where my tires were and keep on top of rocks instead of having them hit body/frame.

    BeerMan is almost there. Yeah, go out to that parking lot.

    Now we all recycle our aluminum beer and soda cans, right!

    Take your cans out to that parking lot. Set them down, and squish 'em with your tires. When you can consistantly flatten single cans using either right or left wheel you will be there.

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    One lesson that i was taught was to position the car so that the line in the middle of the road where passing through the bottom corner of the windscreen so to say, I was taught driving on the left but in principle the theory is the same.

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    Yes, you need to find "markers" on your dash, hood, or anything else to use as a guide.

    Go to an empty parking lot and practice making turns at different places. Stop in the middle of the turn to check where you tire is to any given line in the lot. Then get back in and find a marker that shows where you are compared to the curb or line.

    Practice, practice, practice.

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    pick a spot on hood or fender while your driving and really you dont want to do it but looking down road farther and say if your backing up you look in side mirror really it just take time to learn how or where your car is

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