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Exciting boxing matches?

I want to find some excing boxing matches

I have only started liking it recently, so dont know which to look at

Any fights like corrales/ castilo would be good

With more fights being in welter/ lighter divisions

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    Roger Mtagwa vs Tomas Villa-amazing slugfest between two guys you will probably never hear about

    Bobby Chacon vs Cornelius Boza-Edwards 1 and 2

    Bobby Chacon vs Rafael "Bazooka" Limon 4-Chacon, Limon and Boza-Edwards have never been in a bad fight that I can remember

    Alexis Arguello vs Aaron Pryor 1-great action fight

    Robert Quiroga vs "Kid" Akeem Anifowoshe-My personal favorite fight

    Carmen Basilio vs Gene Fulmer 1 and 2-Two good slugfest between two throwback fighters, but both endings are bad

    Carmen Basilio vs Sugar Ray Robinson 1 and 2-second fight you will see the nastiest swollen eye in boxing history

    Rolando Navarrete vs Rafael "Bazooka" Limon-amazing comeback by Limon

    Alexis Arguello vs Alfredo Escalera 1 and 2-bloody, brutal and shows the grit of the two fighters

    Amir Khan vs Micheal Gomez-one sided, but fun to watch

    Roberto Duran vs Davey Moore-savage beating dished out by Duran

    Mando Ramos vs Sugar Ramos-Bloody fight for the Ramos monicker

    Iran Barkley vs Robbie Simms-good slugfest with between two B level fighters

    Henry Armstrong vs Lou Ambers

    Henry Armstrong vs Barney Ross-fights against Ross and Ambers were both brutal and exciting

    Salvador Sanchez vs Azumah Nelson-Nelson showing the world he can hang with the best and Sanchez showing the world he is the best.

    Salvador Sanchez vs Danny "Little Red" Lopez 1 and 2-Bloody, exciting brawls

    Salvador Sanchez vs Wilfredo "Bazooka" Gomez-Sanchez's real breakout fight.

    Juan Manuel Marquez vs Juan Diaz

    Juan Manuel Marquez vs Terdsak Jandaeng

    Juan Manuel Marquez vs Marco Antonio Barrera

    Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao 1 and 2

    Juan Manuel Marquez vs Jimrex Jaca- I enjoy all of Juan Manuel Marquez's fights

    Jorge Rodrigo Barrios vs Rocky Juarez-good fight with a sick ending to it

    Steve Luevano vs Mario Santiago-fun fight where both fighters hit the canvas

    Steve Luevano vs Terdsak Jandaeng-interesting clash of styles

    Danny "Little Red" Lopez vs Mike Ayala-brutal slugfest

    Matthew Saad Muhhammad vs Yaqui Lopez 2-brutal slugfest

    Israel Vasquez vs Rafael Marquez 1-3-simply breathtaking fights

    Israel Vasquez vs Jhonny Gonzalez-multiple knockdown brawl

    Eder Jofre vs Jose Medel- highlights are on Southpawjabs channel and you can find the first and second fights on the BaltazarBrothers channel.

    Ruben Olivares vs Lionel Rose- Mexican puncher socks the Aboriginie out.

    Ron Lyle vs George Foreman- one of the best heavyweight fights ever

    Ken Norton vs Larry Holmes- another one of the best heavyweight fights ever

    Arturo Gatti vs Ivan Robinson- non stop action bell to bell

    Joe Frazier vs Jerry Quarry- good heavweight slugfest

    I hope you enjoy, I really went the extra mile with this answer.

    Source(s): It is sad that I have enough time to watch all of these
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    of direction i'm allot older now so have seen a lot of them come and bypass. among the terrific I even have ever seen however have been, Ezzard Charles vs. Rocky Marciano, Joe Wallcot vs. Marciano, Arguello vs. Pryor, Holmes vs. Norton, Hagler vs. Hearns, (between the terrific I even have ever seen), and a few greater spring to concepts that had me on the fringe of my seat besides. That Ward vs. Gotti II become a helluva combat additionally! darn sturdy action! properly, those are a number of my terrific anyhow. 1st. Sgt., seventh particular Forces, (Ret.) Vietnam sixty seven-70

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    lol, mark w knows boxing, just watch the roger mtagwa vs tomas villa fight

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    roberto duran vs ray leonard (first fight) @ welter

    ray leonard vs tommy hearns (both fights, but first specifically) @ welter

    ray leonard vs marvin hagler @ middleweight

    roberto duran vs iran barkley @ middleweight

    julio cesar chavez vs meldrick taylor 1 @ jr welter (super lightweight)

    barry mcguigan vs steve cruz @ featherweight

    salvador sanchez vs azumah nelson @ featherweight

    azumah nelson vs jeff fenech 1 ~ jr lightweight (super featherweight)

    evander holyfield vs riddick bowe trilogy @ heavyweight (first fight the best)

    kostya tszyu vs zab judah @ jr welterweight (funny ending)

    israel vazquez vs rafael marquez trilogy ~ jr feather

    arturo gatti vs micky ward trilogy ~ jr welter

    evander holyfield vs mike tyson 1 @ heavy

    marco antonio berrera vs eric morales (both fights)

    nigel benn vs chris eubank 1 @ super middle

    ricardo cordoba vs bernard dunne @ jr feather

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