What are web 2.0 websites?

I need examples of web 2.0 websites for an essay I'm writing ('The effects that Web 2.0 technologies have had'.)

Can anyone help me out? :)

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    Web 2.0 was a codename for the next phase in website design.

    From static informative web pages to more interactive pages that allow you to interact and react to the material on the page.

    The first application were comments and then it grew to ranking linking and other implementations of content interaction.

    Website that are web 2.0 today are probably most of the major sites you visit. every blog today is very very web2.0 and gives you the ability to comment, content ranking and social bookmarking .

    This is a good article http://www.digital-web.com/articles/web_2_for_desi...

    Here is a list of the top 10 web 2.0 sites


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    Web 2.0 websites are websites based on Web 2.0 technology

    These websites are dynamic

    For more information


    or u can question me ...

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    perchance one among those seek engines or Yahoo... i do no longer think of Youtube is an area of the spectacular 20 because of the fact there's a great form of known web content eg: Microsoft information superhighway Explorer Norton Xanga Blogger Myspace i actually do no longer understand... i wish this facilitates...

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