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Questions about female with Sociopath/BPD?

Okay for those people who know a bit about personality disorders, imagine this and tell me what you think...

18 year old sister has Sociopathy (Antisocial) with Borderline traits...

She has not left the house for 3 weeks...just brooding...staying on her computer all day...hardly talking to anyone at all and if so just picks fights and is biitchy...

Also I was in her room a few times while she was in the bathroom and noticed her laptop was up and it seems that she is obsessed with one guy and made a fake facebook alias and got him to add her and now she just lurks on his page all the time.

So any ideas whats up...? She stopped going to her therapist, she thinks its bs cause half the time she thinks she is normal anyways. She was also being kind of inappropriate with him. I don't know if I should call him or not...I'm not sure if her behavior is threatening or unusual enough...

She isn't acting her "normal" self...

she's being extremely apathetic and zombie like.

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    So your question is "what's up?"

    Your sister is mentally ill. That's what's up. If she starts exhibiting behavior that's potentially dangerous to herself or others, have an adult call a mental health professional or 9-1-1, because she may end up needing hospitalization.

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    Ugh, I completely know what you mean! Even though a part of me knows that guys can be just joking around, it's still hurtful to me and conveys a lack of respect. I would talk to an HR person. They can't do anything about patient attitudes, but they can have a meeting to discuss in specifics what is and is not appropriate. I did at a job I held in college, and the next week everyone was gathered in a meeting and "reminded" of the company's sexual harassment policy. I didn't really have much of a problem after that. If you're facing problems at school, perhaps try and speak with the dean. The last thing he or she wants is a lawsuit so if they're smart they should take you seriously. In the meantime, while they're all joking and grab-as$ing, you should just put all of your energy on becoming the best in your field. There's no better revenge than success.

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    So my whole family has mental issues and the one thing that i've learned is that you HAVE to let medical professionals know. Cuz it gets worse for them and their family. Im not someone who is like...medicate the shizz outta her and put her in a padded room...not at all. But sometimes medication and therapy are a huge help that need to be a long term thing.

    And if she was acting "inappropriately" with her therapist, someone find a new one and let that therapist know exactly what's going on with her so that she can be helped asap.

    These things cant be "fixed" but they can be helped. and not helped completely by family members or, even, themselves alone.

    much luck

    Source(s): i've been diagnosed bipolar with slight sociopathy my sister has been diagnosed..everything..
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